Third year scammed out of £950 on fake flat advertised on uni website

The address turned out to be a sandwich shop


Fraudsters robbed a psychology student of almost a grand by advertising a fake flat.

Scammers used the uni’s accommodation site to target Jonny Little, tricking him into paying a deposit for a flat that didn’t exist

Jonny paid £950 towards an “amazing” flat, but when he arrived at the Glasgow address he found it was actually a sandwich shop.

The devastated third year told The Tab he was “devastated.”

He said: “I’m at the end of my tether right now.”

Not what he had in mind

The psychology student first felt wary when two different email addresses were used to respond to him about the flat.

But the flat looked so good he agreed to send over money to secure it: “I was working in a summer camp over summer and had nowhere to live, it was amazing so I sent the money.”

But when Jonny got to Glasgow, instead of his “amazing” flat, he found a sandwich shop: “It was only when I showed up and saw there was no flat at the address I was given, I knew I’d been scammed.”

But Jonny doesn’t blame the uni for his situation: “To be fair, the University has a disclaimer to say they don’t check if the flats are legitimate or not.”

When asked, Glasgow University said: “It is getting increasingly difficult to monitor.”

The site is now under review until better monitoring is put in place.

And Jonny is still looking for a room. Help us find him one. #getaroomjonny