The best Halloween costumes in Falmouth this year

You all need to try harder

Who doesn't love halloween, you get to dress up as whatever you want and get totally smashed. As they say in Mean Girls:

"In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it."

And Club I were even promising prizes for best dressed.

Unfortunately, I was horribly disappointed. Few people had made no more effort than a bit of fake blood on their cheeks and the rest hadn't bothered at all. However, pictured below are what I think were the best costumes in and around Club I last night – and yes, I did include myself because I looked fucking fabulous.

My top 8:

No. 8

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Little Dead Riding Hood

No. 7

Image may contain: Sun Hat, Hat, Cowboy Hat, Human, Person, People

Scooby Dooby-dont

No. 6

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Bambi on Club I

No. 5

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Even pikachu loves a subway

No. 4

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Not really sure what this is…

No. 3

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A nun and a devil walk into a bar….(insert punch line here)

No. 2

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This should be a permanent feature of Falmouth high-street

And drum roll please..

at no. 1

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Favourite outfit of the night goes to Queen Pom-Bear, apparently she was even handing out free packets of Pom-Bears!

And here's me and my mermaid, told you we looked fabulous.

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You have no idea how long this make – up took.