Mangos is reopening and we couldn’t be happier

Falmouth Town’s saviour has been brought back from the dead


I absolutely adored this place when I first came to Falmouth.

I never knew somewhere could be so classy and so disgustingly dirty at the same time. It's famous two floor system was honestly a sight to behold, and something that everyone in this god damn filthy world should experience.

For those of you that don't know, which is most of you at this point, Mangos gave you the best of both worlds.

Upon entry, you were greeted with a classy, upmarket looking bar/lounge area – fitted with bespoke furniture and carpets. It was completely chill, with affordable drinks and comfortable places to sit. There was always music playing, and sometimes a DJ – but it never felt overpowering.

Then, in the back corner of the large bottom floor – there was a set of stairs, a set of stairs leading to a place that, if you weren't ready for, would fully fuck you up.

Just like these lads

The top floor was a room more than half the size of the bottom; with one bar, a stage and a DJ Deck. It without a doubt ALWAYS popped off. I can't remember a time I ever felt an inch of calmness in that room. It was incredible, it was violent without any violence. The noise from whatever guest DJ/MC they'd booked would trap everyone into this tinned frenzy. It was SO good.

Not even joking – the last two years of my University experience has been driven by the mystery of Mangos reopening.

We won't have to look at this sad corpse of a loved one anymore

I never went a few months without hearing a different rumour on the fate of this gem – and now that it's been confirmed for opening in 2018, I feel like an era has ended.

I'm a third year now and not only does it feel completely fucking disturbing that i'll only have a month left by the time it's reopened.

It's also beautifully reassuring that I can leave Falmouth knowing that Mangos is back to look after everyone.

New renovation, new management

Mangos is set to open in March 2018, with a 'large scale renovation' beginning in December.