Cornwall’s police got called out for a man who thought he was a vampire

A caller also reported a ghost trying to steal his chips

Through figures that were collected from a Freedom of Information Act by Devon Live, it has become clear that 38 'paranormal' sightings and incidents were reported to Devon and Cornwall police since 2013.

The incidents ranged from UFO sightings, to one man refusing to get into an ambulance, due to the fact he believed all of the crew members were ghosts.

The FOI request proves that only half of the reported incidents actually caused a police officer to send a patrol car to the caller. The others must have been calmed down over the phone, and told to stop being silly.

One man called the police to state that the sun was burning him, and that he was in fact a vampire. The police attended.

Also in January, a caller described aliens surrounding him at his home – police did not attend.

Back in August 2013, a frantic person called the police and described a "fairy looking creature" stealing plants, although they were the only person who could see it. Police did not attend.

In May 2014, a panic-stricken call was made to police from East-Cornwall, describing a ghost that was trying to steal a locals chips.

A police spokesperson said: "Police would not routinely attend an incident for the report of paranormal activity.

"An officer will however attend if there is concern for welfare for either the caller or another individual or where there is reason to believe an offence may have occurred.

"Several of these incidents involved individuals with mental health issues and are therefore not indicative of the supernatural or paranormal."