The parking at Tremough campus is a bit of a joke

Beware of the man in the black gilet

It’s cold and it gets dark super early at the moment so having a car is very handy for functioning in the bitter weather months. Something a lot of people hate is paying for parking. It is something that I will never come to accept however it is something we simply conform to – how very British of us.

Something worse than paying for parking is having to pay to park on the campus you’re sucking an education out of. Before you start thinking ‘why don’t you just get the bus?’ you need to understand there is a reason why people learn to drive – to not get public transport. Those who drive to Tremough campus have two choices- pay or hide.

Currently there are 1078 parking spaces at Penryn campus, however due to the new sport centre and nursery we have lost 116 spaces. Fab. Not to mention that Car park A, which used to be for shared permit holders, have taken 20 of their 111 spaces and made them visitor slots. It costs £5 to park at uni all day, so say you have three full days at uni, thats at least £15 for the for Monday to Friday – not to forget the money you would be spending on the other days you are at uni. That’s a night out, or a weekly shop, or the same price of petrol you would do in a week perhaps. What I’m getting at is parking costs a bloody fortune.


A pair of students conforming.

At the beginning of each academic year you can apply for a parking permit however you must live at least 5 miles from campus- which is fair enough. I paid £63 for a parking permit last year but I ran into issues. Car park C is filled to the brim with cars, some people even parking outside of where the rows of bays end. It goes with out saying that some people cannot park for shit either.

The bays aren’t that clear, but they aren’t invisible and you still get the smallest of cars taking up two spaces. I was once told as I was trapped behind the barrier in Car Park D by a man in a High Vis jacket that students aren’t allowed to park there… right? Then you drive round to Car Park E where you will have the same problem at of not getting parked and people who are in a hurry parking outside of the bays. Then you hit Car Park F and you might as well just three point turn you little Corsa straight out of there.


If you’re sneaky and you manage to leave the secured carpark by tailgating another car on its way out, nothing is accomplished in ‘beating the system.’ You will simply be charged double the next day. Something you can do is park where Glasney residents put their cars, as there are always spaces – just beware of the man with the black gilet! He lurks around the cars taking photos of those who have not got a permit and splats a bright yellow sticker on your windscreen warning you of a potential FINE! If you see him as you pull up you might have to play a game of cat and mouse as you drive around for a bit at 5mph to avoid the slam of the notice.

The moral of the story is that paying for parking is something that consumes all drivers and now our University seems to have cracked down even harder on it, leaving us in our cars slyly creeping around looking for a space and attempting to break the rules. On the other hand, if you’re good you’ll just do as you should and the rest of us will carry on moaning.