Our small seaside town is the perfect place for a hangover

There’s plenty a view to see when the nausea hits you

Following the demise of Mango’s earlier this the year, Falmouth may not have the biggest selection of clubs but it certainly isn’t short of a place to consume copious amount of alcohol. Whether you have hit town, ended up at a house party on Trelawney Road conversing with a post-grad student fizzing from acid or remained in your 5 bedroom home you rented from Digs, one thing remains the same- a hangover (or comedown, depending on how much you have truly found yourself).

In a town as sweet and delicate as Falmouth it often aids hangovers more than one would expect. There are a number of different things to help heal your damaged ora from the night before.

Gylly beach 


This goes hand in hand with a hangover, whatever the season. In the summer, you can sit on the beach with your socks off sweating out the night before with the faint sound of children building sandcastles and screaming at their siblings lurking in the distance, or in the winter you can lay flat on the cold sand in a bomber jacket with a fur hood and stair at the sky for a few hours (or just get a spectacular hot chocolate from Gylly beach café). Either way looking at the sea and into the abyss is enough to lighten anyone’s mood and clear your head of what happened last night.

Kimberly Park

Take sometime for yourself and stroll around Kimberly park. It’s great way to stimulate your brain in order to remember all of the shit you were probably chatting the night before and all the plans you made in your drunken state that are never going to happen. On the other hand its a perfect place to gather fresh air.


You have woken up hanging out your arse and there is no food to satisfy your sad excuse for a stomach- ‘lets just go to spoons.’ Surrounding yourself with old people and babies might not sound like the best environment for a hangover but, it’s cheap and cheerful, full of carbs and the fry up is like four quid. DISCLAIMER: yes, spoons have increased their prices. Sad, stingy times.



If you’re feeling hungover and sad it always helps to have something nice to look at. Lizard is something that is indeed very nice to look at. It may be a bit of a distance away but if you somehow  manage to reach this part of the coast you will reach a state of awe. A hungover state of awe.

Fuck all 

Ignore all of the above and melt into your mattress.