Glasney Student Village is, by far, the best accommodation in Falmouth

Probably the world actually

There is nothing better than living a two minute walk away from your lectures, especially after those Thursday nights at Club I that left you with a banging headache and full of regret. Glasney felt like its own little haven sometimes. Separated from ‘real life’ in a world of colourful blocks of flats, barbecue patios for hazy summer days and a mass of quirky, drunken students, there is nothing quite like Glasney Student Village.

The campus shop is so so close

You might not have had a leather sofa to retreat to after a day of lectures like your lucky mates at The Sidings, or your own washing machine, but these things were compensated for. The campus shop would sort you out with a bottle of Seven Tenths on a Thursday when your flat mate was attempting to coerce you into going out in the spirit of student night.

Being open until 12am on weekdays and only being a maximum five-minute walk from anywhere on campus meant there was always somewhere to go to pick up late night munchies, even when you have to pay an extortionate price for a packet of crisps.  And when the campus shop was closed, there was Asda. Making a pilgrimage there at two in the morning was never not a good idea, until you had to carry back heavy bags of vodka and mixers questioning whether or not to chuck all your morals and ethics out the window and just take a trolley.

Credit to Ollie Wilson.

Credit to Ollie Wilson.

You get the best views by far

It was, by far, the most colourful. Glasney View was arguably the nicer part and lined with yellow, green and purple blocks of flats. You wouldn’t expect uni halls to be dotted with palm trees, or for it to be the ideal location for Snapchat worthy sunsets, or sunrises that eased you into the day of recovery after a heavy night of drinking and other antics (after you hobbled out of your friend’s flat at six in the morning).

Being able to nap after a 9am was a blessing, and whenever you had that awkward two hour gap between lectures you had the comfort of going back to your room and actually being able to have a lie down. The convenience made leaving your flat in the morning significantly easier, too. Looking at your timetable to find you had a seminar in Peter Lanyon as opposed to Du Maurier was a relief to say the least. Instead of crawling back to The Sidings, or waiting at the bus stop for the last U1 or a taxi, you were assured with the luxury of your bed and en-suite bathroom only a few minutes away.

The Little Things

When summer first started to pick up it was felt across the whole of Glasney. Everywhere you walked there were people smoking and drinking on patches of grass and having barbecues. All your mates were in one place and you would be able to enjoy summer days in a picture-perfect paradise without feeling like you were living in university accommodation. It was times like these that made you appreciate Penryn Campus. And even when it was winter you could always find something to do; like when we would get the whole block to play hide and seek around campus in the rain at 2am. Not a good idea when battling freshers flu, by the way.

Credit to Rohin Shah.

Credit to Rohin Shah.

Is there anything else to say about why this is the best student accommodation Falmouth university has to offer?! Oh, we also had a rope swing at the bottom of campus where you could have a smoke in the midst of the forest whilst stroking the many campus cats. How Falmouth.

Credit to Rohin Shah