Falmouth soars 12 places in university league tables in just one year

There’s just no stopping us

Falmouth has soared up the league tables once again this year – putting us very firmly as one of the quickest climbing small universities.

From being at 70th in the league table, we’ve now climbed up a whopping 12 places in just a year – landing us at 58th in The Times’ Good University Guide rankings. This puts us in front of much larger universities like Portsmouth.

We also rated highly on student satisfaction, with a score of 4.14 out of five.

It’s an incredible achievement, especially if you note that it was only five years ago that Falmouth ‘University College’ was granted full university status.

In just five years I feel it is fair to say that Falmouth University has come a very long way – achieving a range of impressive feats that most Universities would only dream of being able to do in that time.

Falmouth has had an incredible journey – starting off as a tiny arts college, it has now grown into a larger and well respected establishment. Introducing more and more pupils each year and always increasing the amount of subjects that can be studied – as well as finding innovative ways to teach them.

Here’s to the future, and the many great things that await us.