Cornwall police are going to start using beach Segways

But what if the wheels get jammed in the sand?

Devon and Cornwall police have been given two Segways to trial in order to help them patrol large areas of land on our beaches. The police in Newquay are going to be using Segways to cover a large stretch of the coast.

They will be the first police force in the country to trial them and there isn’t a better place to start.

If you’re a resident here you’ll know that some of our beaches are pretty big and will understand that it wouldn’t be an easy task to patrol all of it on foot. The first trialling session will be taking place today.

As if students living on a boat wasn’t enough, our police force will now be driving around our beaches on props from Mall Cop.

Take a look:

Insp Dave Meredith told BBC spotlight that: “It will enable officers to talk to visitors and residents throughout the beach areas, and have a positive impact on public confidence.”

Do Segways reassure you?

It has also been said that they aren’t to be used in any town centres and must strictly only be used on the beaches. It is debatable whether this will have any impact on anything, as there doesn’t seem to be any major issues occurring on the sand.

Most people just want to to lay flat and enjoy the views – a view that doesn’t involve police officers zooming around on Segways.

Whether or not it’s going to have any sort of impact is yet to be discovered but one thing is for sure, Cornwall never fails to surprise us.