New accommodation plans announced: We might be able to live on a ship

But what if we float off and miss our deadline?

It was bound to happen some day. There is only so much room student accommodation can take up without locals feeling suffocated by the influx of young and edgy students. Yes, we are a nice bunch and yes, Falmouth is a beautiful place to study and yes, you might be able to live on a boat now – well, a ship.

Clever Students Lets have announced that they are looking into plans to bring in a Cruise Liner for students along with investing £15million into expanding the student housing. The one they have their eyes on is currently chilling in Italy.

Henry Hutchins, the CEO, said: “We are looking at putting an Italian cruise ship in Falmouth harbour and turning it into student accommodation.”


Kurt, who is going into his second year, said: “Apparently there is somewhere in Falmouth for this big ol’ boat to be tied up and left for the new flow of students to reside in. Then, from there, a river taxi service is available to get them into university.”

Already this could bring up a lot of questions. How many journeys will this river taxi be taking? How many people can it hold? Can I get off the boat whenever? What if I want to go and get my weeks shopping from Asda? Does this mean I can’t bring my car? Do the big boat doors shut behind me? Do these taxis stop at a certain time leaving me on this boat until they begin again the next day? How do I get back from a night out? Imagine the comments from those who are living else referring to you as the ‘boat people’.

First hearing of this, the idea of a boat being one of our new options for accommodation sounds some what interesting, exciting maybe. It might have come as a shock to others but then again this is Falmouth we are talking about and it seems there isn’t more of a fitting place for this to happen.

On the other hand students could find this to be laughable. Living on a boat could be a fun experience but it could be someone’s worst nightmare. Will people really want to move their lives onto a boat for nine months? Along with this, in the least patronising way possible, drunk students around copious amounts of water… really? You could say living somewhere like Falmouth you are always surrounded by water but when it comes to having your bedroom on a boat, there is just no avoiding it.


It is obvious that this idea was spurred on by the ongoing battles with finding where to put the new students if the Universities (Falmouth University and the University of Exeter) carry their plans out to expand their numbers to almost 8,000. It would prevent some constructions of the larger buildings in our quaint areas but there are more things that need to be considered.

The boat could be restrictive to students freedom and access to places and I can imagine some parents expressing concerns for the wellbeing of their child. Safety-wise there is a lot to tackle, you would never be able to leave the boat to just float, a constant patrol may seem super restrictive to students enjoying themselves, but its what the Uni would need to keep themselves out of any shitty situations.

Depending on whether those locals succeed in coming together to keep the student numbers as they are for their realistic reasons, we will just have to wait and see whether some of us will soon be waking up on water. At first thought it might seem a little unrealistic but overall it is one of those ideas you will either love or hate. At least we could say there are boat parties available.