Everything that will happen on a night in Club International

‘I sit here and I hate it, but then Thursday comes along and I’m like: YEAH.’

Those from London love Fabric, Heaven and Ministry of Sound. Those from Newcastle can’t get enough of Bijou and House of Smith. Students from Plymouth revel in becoming messes at Walkabout and Oceana. For those in Falmouth, no club comes close to the alluring, erotic and dangerously addictive scent of Club International. After the unfortunate closure of Mango’s, Club I is the nightclub Falmouth deserves… and the one we very much need right now.

Credit to the official Club International photographer

The pilgrimage journey

Stepping off the packed U2 from campus, every student’s journey to the Holy Land is an interesting one. When walking past Mono, seeing course mates drinking their overpriced, over-iced drinks because they just can’t bring themselves to embark upon the Falmouth/Exeter student pilgrimage can be a sobering experience. As one first year Exeter student puts it: “Some people just need to get off their high horse and give it a go.”

Depending on how fucked you are after pre-drinks, the journey down the high street can potentially be a problematic experience. The temptation to ask why the fuck you’d be busking outside Card Factory at midnight when you could be boppin’ to Rihanna in the warm and comforting environment of Club I can sometimes be overwhelming. Furthermore, avoiding the sometimes intimidating locals who seem way too old to be snorting Mandy in an alleyway can be a difficult task.

Getting in and getting to the bar

Once inside the prestigious venue, it’s time to order drinks. Two Jagerbombs for a fiver and £1.50 tequila shots are a recipe for disaster in some people’s eyes, but can offer a great night for Club I pilgrims. After all, with the club being so small, you might need a drink or twelve to cope talking to that guy on your course who you can’t seem to escape (why the fuck did you even accept his friend request anyway?).

Credit to the official Club International photographer

The dancefloor is shameless and all you can smell is the carpet

The dance floor offers a safe space in which anyone can cut shapes, twerk, and grind. Nowhere else in Falmouth can a nip-slip be as widely accepted as it is in Club International. Anything goes. Someone bites your thumb? Who cares. You catch someone chundering on the floor. Let them be. You see a two pull an eight? Cheer ‘em on.

Toxic smell, sticky carpets and disappointing sound system aside, Club I offers something so innocent and genuine that you can’t help but like it. You may think the lack of mirrors in the toilets are a bad thing, but where else can you go and not be able to keep a tab on your appearance? People care less about what you look like but more about how confident you are at singing along to ‘Bonkers’.

Credit to the official Club International photographer

The music is the same every week

Yeah, you might hear the same mix every week at certain point in the night (there’s only so many times you can here ‘That’s Not Me’ mix into ‘Intoxicated’), but without the great mix of tunes from the resident DJ at Club I we’d have hardly any fun in the town we’ve decided to live in.

For a town which can easily be seen as a Cornish hotspot for hipsters and all-round pretentious pricks, it’s nice to know that Falmouth has somewhere that people of all backgrounds who don’t necessarily fit into the alternative scene, can come to enjoy themselves unashamedly.