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Demons storm into play-offs with shut-out win over Gloucestershire

The Exeter Demons did battle with the Gloucestershire Gladiators for the final place in the Plate Playoffs

WhatsAppened to blokes these days? Student shares photo of girl in bed to ‘prove’ he had sex with her

Student snaps girl in bed and then sends the image to all his team-mates

The Tab’s smoking survey

Do a good deed today: fill out The Tab’s smoking survey

What does your uni sport say about you? (Male version)

Our cheeky run-down of sporting stereotypes (please don’t cry)


The issues only the female Exeter student will ever understand

“I am an Oxbridge reject, and bloody proud of being one”

“I’m actually really glad I never got an offer”

All-weather outfits: Transitional wear photo shoot

Tab fashion shares our favourite transitional pieces – perfect for any type of weather

“Pro-ana sites promoting stick thin figures are as bad as child abuse”: Supersize vs Superskinny presenter speaks at Exeter Uni

Emma Woolf, presenter of the Channel 4 show, slams pro-ana sites in talk to Exeter students

Lufbra and Nottingham in town for huge BUCS KOs

Jack Banister previews EUMHC’s and EULHC’s BUCS knockout fixtures

16 new societies – and Joffrey lends support to Exeter’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Soc

Student societies experience a boom as 16 more are added.

Review: RAG Prohibition Ball

The Prohibition Ball attempted to fill SSB’s massive shoes. But how did it fare?

If you think cheerleading is feminine, you’ve spent too much time watching Laker Girls

The Sports Minister reckons cheerleading is a nice ‘feminine’ sport for unathletic girls. Exeter’s Club Captain Alicia says she couldn’t be more wrong

First year student shortlisted for national writing award

Beth Reeks has her work published and nominated for a writing award

Pimp my friend: Nick Zammit

Forget Westwood and Xzibit. When it comes to pimping style, Tab Fashion has the answer

Beats and Bass Society’s Mixathon: Who doesn’t love a week-long party?

Discussing Beats and Bass Society’s ongoing Mixathon, The Tab talks to its organiser Tom Cooke

TabTV: Harry, Zabs & Jonno @ Mama Stones

From their gig at Mamma Stones, watch Harry, Zabs and Jonno perform Clean Bandit’s ‘Rather Be’

The life-ruining stages of a hangover

The Tab gives you its very own step-by-step guide to hangovers

How to: house hunt like a pro

Less money, less mould, less hassle: The Tab keeps you the ultimate house-hunting guide

Groundbreaking news: Earthquake hits Exeter

Earthquake hits Exeter for the first time in a decade

Green Machine: BUCS round up

As the BUCS season draws to a close, there were some big games in this week’s fixtures