Fashion in the Forum: Men’s Edition

The rain is no excuse to dress down – check out this week’s suave styles and SSB thoughts!

Pathetic cowards kow-towing to the whims of the press: why the uni needs to strap on a pair

An open letter to the University, re: Elina Desaine and the SSB

SSB revival: Is this Exeter’s best house party?

Exeter students host SSB-style house-party.

UPDATED: Fake Fatsoma SSB Scam Spotted

Ticket site Fatsoma advertises fake SSB tickets


Jaz Sansoye argues that banning the SSB is the wrong decision

Guild action could endanger HIV care

The Guild’s decision to ban the Safer Sex Ball means sexual health charity loses vital funds

Heads roll in SSB video backlash

From giving head to losing your head – The Guild begin to crack down.

SSB protest rumours and a letter that’s probably come too late

Amidst rumours of a riot, the campaign group against the “Tribal” SSB theme have made moves to disrupt the SSB on Monday and have called for staff and faculty support.

Have your say: SSB

Fun, Sex and Suspicious Dress Codes – The Tab investigates your thoughts on this year’s SSB.