safer sex ball

Fashion in the Forum: Men’s Edition

The rain is no excuse to dress down – check out this week’s suave styles and SSB thoughts!

Pathetic cowards kow-towing to the whims of the press: why the uni needs to strap on a pair

An open letter to the University, re: Elina Desaine and the SSB

Heads roll in SSB video backlash

From giving head to losing your head – The Guild begin to crack down.

Campaigns against campaigns in SSB debate

Facebook campaigns spring up across Exeter to voice opposition to the opposition of the SSB. Bored yet?

Have your say: SSB

Fun, Sex and Suspicious Dress Codes – The Tab investigates your thoughts on this year’s SSB.

Tribal warfare escalates

Group who call SSB theme racist release angry statement.

Don’t scream about the theme

The tribal theme is not an open invitation to dress insensitively, says Tab editor Matt McDonald