Has Exeter sparked the end of the EDL?

The EDL faces criticism in the wake of its national demonstration in Exeter.

Good riddance, E-E-EDL

Charlie Miller gives his report and review of the EDL’s national demonstration in Exeter.

TabTV: EDL & Exeter Together Marches

On 16th November, two political demonstrations took place in central Exeter. See all the highlights on TabTV.

EDL and Exeter Together: Tweets and Pictures

See the best of your tweets and pictures from the EDL’s and Exeter Together’s marches into Exeter.

Extra Police Drafted for EDL March

Hundreds of extra police officers drafted in to handle the EDL this weekend.

EDL March Route Released

Police release details of EDL march route

The EDL & Exeter: Why You Should Care

Tor Mackarness argues why you shouldn’t see the EDL coming to Exeter in the same way you see your 9am lectures.

Exeter University Responds to EDL

Exeter University responds to EDL’s remarks about the Arab and Islamic Institute

The EDL Comes to Exeter

The EDL has announced it intends to stage a national demonstration next month in Exeter.

TabTV Inside: A Day With The EDL

NICK HARRIS and MAX TOOMEY wanted to see what the EDL was really like. Here’s what happened when they spent a day inside the Cambridge protest.