Transferring uni from Bristol to Exeter was the best decision I’ve ever made

It’s okay to admit when something isn’t right for you

All the mistakes you inevitably make as a fresher at Exeter Uni

Because first year is a learning curve

The Tab's official Exeter Freshers' guide

Find out the best places to upgrade your downtime in Exeter


Hold onto your meatballs: IKEA is coming to Exeter

If you didn’t go to IKEA to get your uni supplies are you even a student?

This Exeter finalist wrote her dissertation on Harry Potter and watched the films five times each

Riddikulus? We think not

Here’s everything that went down at the UNMASK rally yesterday

People gathered outside the Forum to protest racism in Exeter

Everything you’ll know if you’re Irish at a British University

Failing your exams because you forgot to ask your Granny to light a candle for you

Breaking: There was a silent sit-down protest in the Forum today

The Guild President was there too

Updates: These are the unis to reject the proposed deal to end strikes

The deal was proposed on Monday and was immediately rejected by several unis across the country

Students have called out the Guild for their shortcomings in an open letter

The letter detailed the reasons why they felt the Guild had failed in its role and how they could improve the situation

BREAKING NEWS: DJ Willby has resigned from DSP

Is this finally the end of DSP?

Gird your loins, Exeter’s got a RED ALERT for extreme weather today

Uni is shut but fear not, the Impy is open

How to fake it in Exetah

Fake it till you make it

Everything you know if you have hangxiety

aka PAD (post-alcohol depression)

One week in: the Queens Cafe Verdict

Love or hate the new design?

11 things you should NEVER do at Exeter

Avoid these faux pas

Sean Kingston is Coming to Exeter

Who says we have a shit nightlife?

Exeter has been voted the 15th hardest partying uni in the country

We like to party apparently

The Return of Moz

Legends never die

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