It’s time to settle the age-old Exeter Uni debate: Which is better, Old Lafrowda or New?

Which rival will take Exeter’s crown as the most highly sought accommodation?

It’s simply undoubtable that Lafrowda is Exeter’s superior accommodation: a mere five minute walk to the Forum, perfectly close proximity to the Pennsylvania road Co-op for any quick booze purchases, and not to mention there always being another frantic fresher around to help you out if you’ve lost your key. It’s always with a sympathetic pat on the shoulder that I’d disguise my smugness when someone tells me they’re in Printworks or worse, Point Exe.

Trekked to the library and forgot your pencil case? At your friend’s pres and forgot your ID? Or lunchtime strikes and everyone whips out their Tupperware boxes full of cold, stuck-together pasta? No stress, just nip back to Lafrowda – pretty much the gravitational centre of Exeter at this point.

However…the debate between two age-old rivals must finally be settled, once and for all. The all-important, defining question remains: which is better, Old or New Lafrowda?

Let’s begin with The New:

Ah yes, the face of the university website: modern exterior, spacious kitchens, hallways you can actually fit more than one person in at a time, a leather sofa (yes, leather). Topping it all off is the wholesome flat size of eight diverse individuals: big enough for a great night out, and small enough to really get to know each other. And, we mustn’t forget, the all-defining en-suite: New Lafrowda provides a room truly equipped for all your basic comforts.

As a general all-rounder, then, I’d say New Lafrowda is scoring pretty highly.

^ no that’s not actually Laf

Nonetheless, the majesty of Old Lafrowda mustn’t be overlooked…

First and foremost, we have the beautiful exposed brick walls offering a rustic, earthy university experience. And, in all seriousness, not only is there a pretty decent kitchen, but most flats even offer the luxury of a lounge. A lounge! Stocked with large, comfy seats and a blue accent wall to offer a serene atmosphere away from the hustle of university – and an excellent space for pres. Now, I’m sure, flat nights out in New Lafrowda are heaps of fun, but have you experienced the almost feral nights of the 11-person flat size in Old Lafrowda, often featuring the rest of the entire block?

Of course, for this same reason, Old Lafrowda is frequently looked upon as a place for scum: only three toilets for 11 of you? Is that even safe post multiple Venoms? Shared showers? Stop it. However, if it means saving more of those finite student loans, and consequently having some more ££ for Pret, then there really can be no harm in the ever-so-slightly-too-small corridors which do lend themselves to the feeling of being in a coffin at times.

Who takes the crown?

So, in a humble and unbiased opinion, being more than worth the frequent ridicule and subjection to its second-hand, “traditional” style, Old Lafrowda easily scores the top spot. Fight me.

Over to you: head to our Instagram @thetab.exeter to vote for which one you think is better.

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