Every supermarket’s Colin the caterpillar cake matched with Exeter Uni halls

Cecil is obviously Holland Hall

Since his invention in 1990, M&S’ Colin the Caterpillar cake has become a British staple for birthdays, celebrations, and exam induced breakdowns across the nation. His adorable face has provided a tasty birthday treat to generations of children (and students who can’t let go of their childhood). He’s a British icon, up there with the Spice Girls, and Yorkshire puddings – basically if you need Haloween outfit inspo, look no further .

He’s so popular in fact that pretty much every other British supermarket has taken it upon themselves to create their own version. Each cake has their own unique qualities, much like the different university accommodations across Exeter, so why not compare the two? I have undertaken a (very) thorough – and tasty – research process, considering everything from aesthetic appeal, to price. Here are my conclusions:

Sainsbury’s – Wiggles the caterpillar: New Lafrowda

This cake comes in at a price of £6.50. To me, this seems relatively reasonable. New Lafrowda is a very sought-after accommodation: it’s in a great location, it’s new, it’s reliable. It is more expensive but you definitely pay for the quality you get, much like Sainsbury’s. (I mean New Laf has sofas in their kitchens – I’m jealous). Side note, the colour of New Lafrowda’s exterior reminds me a bit of a Sainsbury’s uniform…

Tesco – Curly the Caterpillar: East Park

Tesco also prices their version of Colin at £6.50 which is, again, fairly reasonable. I don’t know why, but I just feel like people from East Park probably shop at Tesco. The accommodation is very new and modern, matching Curly’s energy as the modern twist on a British classic. I can just picture a group of East Park residents sitting round their white table in their bougie kitchens (complete with an actual blackboard), tucking into a slice of Curly.

This is the level of mental stability I imagine the East Park residents had a couple of years ago when they had to live there during multiple lockdowns and listening to the constant sound of drills while the rest of their accommodation was being built.

Waitrose – Cecil the Caterpillar: Holland Hall

Only because Holland Hall is probably the only place on campus where you’d actually meet someone called Cecil. He’s also £8.00. Not a big slay from Cecil.

Aldi – Cuthbert the Caterpillar: Old Lafrowda

Cuthbert comes in at the great price of £4.99. What a bargain.

As an ex Old-Laf resident, I believe that it gets far too much hate. We may have had shared bathrooms, and the outside might low-key give prison energy with the monochrome and exposed brick, but hear me out: in the same way that Cuthbert probably tastes better than Colin (and for a fraction of the price), Old Lafrowda has elite vibes.

Also, have to give extra thanks to Cuthbert for providing all the tea a few months ago in his fight with Colin. The comeback was iconic.

Morrisons – Morris the Caterpillar: Birks Grange Village

I just had to put this caterpillar in because he is so adorable. And guess what? He’s only £3.00! Morris is by far the best value for money out of the caterpillars we’ve seen. I also feel sorry for people who live in Birks because you have to walk up Cardiac Hill every day, so I thought I’d be nice and give you the cute one.

Homemade Colin: Ransom Pickard

This Colin is unique, exciting, you might even say avant-guard. He fits no mould and he won’t change for anyone. But much like Ransom Pickard, you’ve never seen him before in your life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’re all wonderful, but with all the love in the world, I got through two whole years of my degree at Exeter before I’d even heard of this place. Apparently, it’s near Lafrowda – who knew?

M&S – Colin the caterpillar: Penny C

The caterpillar where it all began. He’s been around for thirty years, soaked in history, much like the Penny C crowd who’s signet rings date back centuries. Also, you could argue his ears kind of look like curtains, so he’d fit right in.

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