Overheard: The most SHOCKING things ever posted on the Exeter Facebook group

You honestly can’t make this stuff up

Most of us at Exeter are familiar with Overheard, and over the time I’ve been at Exeter I’ve witnessed some truly shocking stuff being posted on there. From the person who absolutely obliterated the Fever toilets, to the thief who stole a £1 coin from the pool table at the Vic, here is a summary of the best (or worst) of Exeter.

1. The beaning of Queen’s Terrace

Via Facebook, Overheard at Exeter

Whoever decided that throwing a tin of baked beans on somebody’s doorstep was a good joke, I’d almost encourage you to branch out and do something slightly more outrageous. This really is quite a low effort prank, but admittedly it would be extremely annoying to clean up in the morning. Perhaps save the beans for a late night snack next time rather than lobbing them at an innocent house.

2. The pool table heist

Boys stand by a pool table

Via Facebook, Overheard at Exeter

Anyone who has played pool, or waited for hours to play pool at the Vic, knows the etiquette of the £1 coin claim. These boys swooped in and stole the £1 from the table, and as they deserve they were named and shamed on overheard. It is unclear whether the thief was ever found, but we can only hope he was brought to justice and made to return the fee to the wronged party. Whatever the outcome, we can thank the incident for arguably the most poetic post that has ever graced Overheard.

3. The worst thing ever seen on Overheard


It makes me upset to even be inserting this image into this post it is so shocking. No one should ever have to see this, and my heart bleeds even more for anyone who had to witness this absolute atrocity in person. I really cannot think of anything more to say other than this is without a doubt the most horrifying thing ever seen on Overheard, and I wish to erase the mere existence of this post from my mind. The Fever cleaners deserve a raise.

4. The 265 Great British pounds

Via Facebook, Overheard at Exeter

Most of us have fallen victim to a Wednesday TP spending extravaganza, but this poor girl seemed to take it to the extreme one night, spending TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE POUNDS. 29 Venoms would probably cause hospitalisation, and so whoever benefitted from her generosity on the night should surely have sent some form of reparation. Spending a fifth of a student loan in one night is no laughing matter. Certainly not something to be telling the parents about.

5. The mayonnaise debacle


Via Facebook, Overheard at Exeter

Some of you may be fans of mayonnaise, I know I personally am, but this amount of mayonnaise should never be condoned. This post caused an absolute outrage upon its posting, and even fans of the condiment struggled to defend this post. Chairman Mayo needs to be stopped, and sooner rather than later.

6. The mysterious case of the cancelled socials

Via Facebook, Overheard at Exeter

Anyone who was at Exeter last year remembers the AU famously cancelling socials….for one whole week. Nobody could place the blame, but that doesn’t mean people weren’t keen to try and put it on any club that wasn’t their own. This post perfectly summed up the public fury surrounding the event, although we can probably all agree it was unlikely to have been golf.

7. The doorstep shitter

Via Facebook, Overheard at Exeter

Clearly the residents of Exeter have a problem with defecation, and seriously need to learn the etiquette of using a toilet when in need. If this matter wasn’t bad enough, having to clean it up the next morning must have been a truly gruelling matter. It’s not even as if student houses have hosepipes.

8. The TP ticket daylight robbery

Via Facebook, Overheard at Exeter

Now that TP have cracked down on ticket reselling, this all seems a good old memory of the past. It was however not too long ago that people were selling on a £2.80 ticket for the extortionate costs of £40 or £50, someone once even paying eighty British pounds. This bloke summed up the sentiment of majority in regards to the resellers. Erica Brown and her “massage me please” comments have died out, but the memory lives on.

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