Nominations are now OPEN for The Tab Exeter’s BNOC of the year 2022

It’s time to nominate the biggest names on campus

It’s finally that time of year again. No, not exam season – The Exeter Tab’s BNOC of the Year Competition 2022.

This Tab tradition is BACK and it’s time to get your nominations in so we can crown this year’s BNOC.

For those that somehow don’t know, BNOC stands for Big Name On Campus. You know those people who everyone seems to know? Maybe it’s someone who always manages to make a scene in TP, the Social Sec for your sports team, or perhaps that one person you met in Freshers that you can’t seem to escape? In essence, it’s those people who can’t walk across campus without being recognised by basically everyone. Whoever they are, we want to know!

Whatever the reason for their fame, they could be worthy of the title of Exeter’s 2022 BNOC, so why not inflate their ego even more and nominate them for the chance to win the official title?

Nominations are now OPEN, so if you know someone who you think could be BNOC worthy, get them nominated. All nominations are anonymous and yes, that does mean you can nominate yourself (no judgement here, we rate the confidence).

Nominations close next Thursday 26th May, so get your nominations in ASAP. Following this, voting rounds will start, so keep an eye on our Instagram to see the nominees and cast your vote.

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