These are the best places to shag on campus, according to students who’ve done it

Yes, the Ram disabled loo is on there

So you saw sex in the title and clicked immediately. We don’t blame you. Lockdowns are finally over, it’s a fresh term, and everyone looks really fit without their masks.

Be it a girlfriend, boyfriend, fiery romance you met on a TP Wednesday, or even your library crush (dreams do come true), sometimes waiting till you get home simply isn’t possible. And although you might already consider yourself a #topshagger, it’s time to start broadening your sexual horizons through location, location, location.

We asked over on our Instagram for all the places that Exeter students have shagged on campus. Without further ado, here are the best places to do the deed, according to students who’ve done it.

Reed Hall

Private, scenic and leafy, Reed Hall and the surrounding area seems to be Exeter’s answer to a nature shag. Benches are dotted round and there’s even a lake to take a quick dip in after. The foliage also provides great protection from prying eyes. We don’t have the highest ratio of trees to students in the country for nothing…

The rubber crumb

Would you not get friction burn? The hike up the hill to get here would definitely get the blood rushing, but honestly seems like a bit too much effort. The possibility of the floodlights turning on adds a bit of spice too.

Forum lifts

Measuring nine seconds to get from the ground floor to the first floor, if you’re looking for a (very) quick one, then Forum lifts could be the place for you. Hey, we don’t judge.

Top of the Physics building

Although access up here is difficult (and potentially illegal) if you want both thrills and a shag with a view then look no further. There’s always the risk that you might be illuminated by the Physics building Christmas tree, but we all love a bit of danger.

Forum Library

Another extremely favoured answer was the library, with suggestions for “in between the shelves” and “group room Z” proving popular. One girl suggested the Anthropology section because “no one goes there”. Harsh, but true.

Any disabled loo

By far the most popular answer was some variation of campus disabled loo, notably the Sanctuary, Amory and Ram ones. With space, privacy, and most importantly a lock, we can see why.

Cardiac Hill

Similar to the rubber crumb, the hike to get here simply does not seem worth the reward. However you might get a surprise visit from the campus cat, which would liven it up slightly. At least you’d be giving the late night library goers who favour a window seat a show?

Exeter Rock

Arguably an achievement more impressive than getting your degree, managing to do this without getting caught by estate patrol is no easy feat. Bonus points if it’s the one right at the bottom of Forum hill.


Somebody answered “I’ve done it in Pret” which we find hard to believe. But if this is the case, hats off to her.

Someone else simply replied “definitely not the Ram”. Wonder what the story is here…