First year Exeter student believes she was spiked after being ‘bitten on the arm’ at Fever

Hattie regained consciousness on the toilet floor, and says: ‘I remember looking down and seeing teeth indentations in my arm’

An Exeter fresher believes she may have been spiked, after being “bitten on the arm” in Fever last Monday night.

18-year-old Exeter student Hattie Brown woke up in the Fever toilets, after blacking out, to see teeth marks in her arm. Over the next few days her arm got progressively more bruised.

Hattie visited the NHS walk in centre the next day, but says “they couldn’t do a lot because my skin hadn’t been punctured.”

Hattie took to TikTok to show the toothmarks and her bruising, and her initial video has now received 1.4 million views.

Hattie told The Tab Exeter she went to Fever with lots of friends on Monday 8th November, after having a few drinks at a pub beforehand. “My friend told me the next day that when she saw me in the club I wasn’t drunk and pretty much sober”, she says.

She remembers dancing with her friends before losing them in the club. She then has no memory until regaining consciousness in one of the Fever loos, with her back up against the door.

She told The Exeter Tab: “I remember looking down and seeing teeth indentations in my arm and took a photo straight away because I was so confused and couldn’t work out what must have happened.”

Hattie’s arm the next day

Hattie couldn’t find her friends, so left Fever alone and managed to contact a friend who was awake, and they came and found her.

The first year said: “I’m not 100 per cent sure that I was spiked but it’s the only explanation I can think of as to why I have that massive gap in my memory, and surely if I wasn’t spiked I would have at least felt the bite as it happened.”

Hattie’s arm three days later

Hattie doesn’t think she spoke to any staff members at Fever after gaining consciousness, instead leaving the club.

Days later, she says the bruise was still present and had “got a lot worse”.

The Tab Exeter has contacted Fever for comment

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