Exeter to host a vigil for Sarah Everard on the Cathedral Green

It will take place this Saturday at 6pm

Over the past week many vigils and protests have taken place around the country mourning the death of Sarah Everard. These have been mainly organised by the group Reclaim the Streets and, despite official cancellations, people have been turning out in the thousands to show their solidarity in the fight for the safety of women.

Exeter will be holding it’s own vigil this Saturday, starting at 6pm on the Cathedral Green. The event has been organised by Exeter against Sexual Abuse, so people can gather to “stand up against sexual violence and abuse experienced by wxmen, especially those who are POC and from marginalised communities”.

With Covid-19 regulations still in place, the event organisers stress the importance of continuing to social distance at the Vigil, as well as wearing a mask. They also recommend bringing a placard of your choosing and a light.

According to the event’s Facebook page, so far over 600 people are interested in the event, and more than 150 people have checked in to say they are going to this Saturday’s vigil.

A previous attempt to organise a vigil in Exeter on March 13th had been cancelled due to Covid-19 regulations. A Candle vigil was held instead, set up by Reclaim the Night Devon to show support for “all women and girls in our communities who have been or are being impacted by male violence”.

To see the event’s Facebook page, click here.

To donate to Reclaim these Streets, click here.

Join Urban Angels Exeter here, a safe space on Facebook promoting women’s safety in Exeter.

Images via Lizzie Rose.

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