Some Exeter students still unable to return to halls due to bomb detonation damage

A small number of buildings were damaged by the controlled explosion

Some Exeter University students have been unable to return to their halls of residences following damage caused by the detonation of the World War Two bomb found on private land next to the university campus on Friday morning.

The Exeter Tab can reveal images taken of one block of halls of residence, where the windows can be visibly seen to be damaged:

The registrar email released to students this afternoon elaborated that some “additional work” was required in all Birks Grange Village residences, and Clydesdale Rise block B.

Mike Shore-Nye, registrar to the university, said: “Residents of these buildings remain in alternative accommodation and are being supported by University teams. We will update these students directly regarding the plans for their return and we hope we can welcome you back soon.

“The buildings listed above remain closed until further notice”.

Various students have spoken to The Exeter Tab, with one student telling us: “We’ve been put into The Ram, I’d say 50+ people are here.

“We’ve called the helpline three or four times now, but they keep saying they can’t tell us anything. Apparently we will be shipped out somewhere in the next hour”.

Second year student Will had to evacuate his house on Friday as it is located directly next to the site where the bomb was found. He told The Exeter Tab: “We have absolutely no idea, we haven’t been told anything by police, council or university.

“Fortunately we’ve all found sofas to crash on because thankfully there’s an emergency exemption to lockdowns.

“We were told to leave early on Friday and told it would be a few hours, they took my name and number and told my housemate not to take his car and not to bother packing overnight bags.

“I’d like to add the council, when I called them, did check to make sure we were all safe and didn’t need emergency accommodation even though they couldn’t give us any information. The university incident line just told me they’re not responsible as we are in private residence, however both our landlord and estate agent (Cardens) have been supportive and proactive with helping us out.”

Image via Will’s Instagram account

Another student said: “I’m still away and I’ve seen pictures of my accommodation without any windows but the uni is yet to tell us anything”.

If you’ve been affected directly by the incident contact the university’s incident line on 0300 3034847. Additionally, Exeter City Council will now be co-ordinating a helpline for local residents at 01392 265000. More information available in the registrar email from this afternoon. 

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