The top 10 best sunset spots in Exeter, to help you up your Insta game

Warning: Sexy sunset pics ahead

So we’re in our third national lockdown, the weather is shit and you haven’t seen anyone apart from your housemates for an absurd amount of time. You forgot how to socialise long ago, and the only thing that sparks joy in your sad little life is the prospect of your daily government mandated exercise.

Be it a run, cycle or walk, any excuse to get out of the house that isn’t an unnecessary big Tescos trip is greatly appealing. And what could make a walk better than a glorious sky, guaranteed to give you that much needed boost of serotonin? Below are some of the best places to see the sunset from in Exeter:

Duryard Valley Park/Belvidere Meadows

Arguably one of the best views in Exeter and certainly one of the most popular. Rather than going via Penny Road, take the scenic route behind the Business School for a lovely walk past the campus lakes. If you don’t fancy the uphill walk then it’s also very quick to drive to, with a conveniently located carpark seconds away from the view. If you venture slightly further on you’ll reach Belvidere Meadows, another great place to watch the sunset. Be warned though – cows roam VERY freely.

The Cathedral

Perch yourself on the wall surrounding the cathedral and wait for those last rays of light, a great pit stop on your way back from a long quay walk. The new independent coffee popup a few seconds walk away,  The Tiny Tasting Room, also does the best mochas known to man. Perfect for those lockdown weekend coffee runs when Pret is closed (RIP subscription).

Mincinglake Valley Park

About a 15-minute walk from Saunders, this park will make you feel like you’ve suddenly stepped deep into the leafy countryside. Although the walk is uphill, the view over the whole of Exeter is well worth it – make sure to bring old shoes though as you WILL get muddy.

Prison Bridge

A rogue destination but if you’re only after a short walk then the view from this bridge, located opposite the prison, is lovely. The scenery of the railway tracks also makes it feel like you’re a character in a coming of age teen movie.

The Quay

A student favourite, the view from Exeter quay will never disappoint. Do a loop of the bridge near Double Locks to get a full 360 view of the sunset, or alternatively sit on the benches and watch the sun go down. A takeaway hot chocolate from The Coffee Cellar never hurts either.


Although not strictly in Exeter, this beach is easily accessible by car/train in under 30 minutes (stick with your household/bubble though). The views are always insane but make sure to get there half an hour before the sun sets in order to catch the light. The fish and chip takeaway on the seafront also does banging takeaways and remain open during lockdown.

Holland Hall Balcony

Home to not only the biggest Exetah students around but also a balcony famous for its uninterrupted views of the rolling hills of the South West. Be careful though, as lurking around first year accommodation is a risky business.

Northernhay Gardens

Accessible through many paths around Exeter, notably the paths next to Exeter Central or Timepiece, these landscaped gardens surround Exeter Castle and are a lovely oasis in the middle of the city. You can do a few loops of it to get your daily walk in, and the high vantage point is perfect for watching the sun set.

Prince of Wales Road footpath

A route popular with runners and cyclists, this path takes you from Streatham campus to the Howell Road area. You get a view over the many valleys of Exeter whilst being surrounded by trees – it really doesn’t feel like you’re in the middle of a city. Be careful though, as cyclists WILL yell at you if you accidentally stray into the cycle lane (obviously not speaking from experience…).

Waitrose car park

Last but not least we have the humble Waitrose car park. Although not as impressive a location as the others, having an unexpected sunset spot here really makes the trip to buy overpriced sushi worthwhile.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, go forth and add a bit of colour to your government mandated strolls. Borrow a dog from BorrowMyDoggy for the full experience!!

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