Exeter students fined £200 each for throwing party at Lafrowda

The uni is also investigating

Three students from Exeter Uni have received £200 fines after an investigation into a party held at Lafrowda last Saturday.

According to Devon Live, local police began investigating after a video showing dozens of students gathered in the flat was shared on social media. The university is reportedly holding its own investigation into the events and his given formal warnings to the students.

Devon and Cornwall released a statement saying: “A local policing unit attended Lafrowda halls of residence within Exeter University late on Saturday night, January 9.

“On attendance, the reported gathering had largely dispersed but officers spoke to a number of students along with support from University Estates Patrol.”

“We have since reviewed body-worn video and liaised with the university on this matter and at this time we have issued £200 fixed penalty notices to three students.

“This matter now sits with the university in relation to their own their own disciplinary procedures and any subsequent action against those who attended the party.”

The Exeter Uni registrar, Mike Shore-Nye, addressed the events in a recent email, describing the party as a “concerning and disappointing incident”.

“Any repeat of this sort of incident will risk further transmission of COVID-19 and will further delay any return to normal life and normal operations for our community and those around us.

“Wherever you are in the country, please follow the rules, for everyone’s sake.”

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