Police and uni investigating after ‘dozens’ of students gather for party at Lafrowda

The university called it ‘disappointing and distressing’

Devon and Cornwall Police are investigating a large party in Exeter University halls, after footage was shared on social media.

According to Devon Live, the party reportedly took place at Lafrowda on Saturday night.

A video showed dozens of students gathered despite the ongoing lockdown and instructions from the university to avoid returning to Exeter if possible.

Due to lockdown, students along with everyone else should be staying at home except for exercise or essential shopping, and only meeting one person from another household for exercise.

An Exeter Uni spokesperson told Devon Live: “This is clearly totally unacceptable behaviour and we are investigating the incident further.

“The police were called and we will be working with them on the investigation with likely fines and sanctions.

“The health and safety of our whole community must come first and we will take action on any individuals breaking Covid-19 rules.”

Students were also given a statement in an email from the university, which said: “We have been made aware of a very concerning and disappointing incident on Saturday night, when Devon and Cornwall Police attended a party at a student flat on our Streatham campus.

“The students involved were spoken to by the Police, who are considering what steps will follow. The university is also investigating and will take any necessary disciplinary action.

“This incident is incredibly disappointing and distressing. It undermines the best efforts of all our students and staff who are working extremely hard to keep our community safe, through engaging with COVID-19 testing, adhering to the COVID-19 rules and supporting each other and those around us.”

The email, which came from the uni registrar Mike Shore-Nye, continued: “I ask everyone reading this to reflect on this incident and to consider the words of the Chief Medical Officer for England, who this week described how the NHS is facing ‘the most dangerous time anyone can remember’ and reminded us that we must all adhere to the lockdown rules to protect the NHS and save lives.

“Any repeat of this sort of incident will risk further transmission of COVID-19 and will further delay any return to normal life and normal operations for our community and those around us.

“Wherever you are in the country, please follow the rules, for everyone’s sake.”

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