Crocs, yes Crocs: The best Looks in Lockdown from Exe students this week

Back for round three, lockdown 2.0 edition

Well, well, well, here we are again. Turns out that Boris has been stalking Looks in Lockdown and has decided that, in order to further students’ fashion exploits, a second lockdown was the right thing to introduce. Thanks a bunch Boris. The kids are crying.

All jokes aside, here at Looks in Lockdown, we hope you are all doing alright and that this edition can be some welcome fashion relief. From jumpsuits to Crocs, we have really seen it all this week:

Anna, second year, Management with Marketing (@annahewitt12)

Anna’s lockdown look has star quality. Her self-designed jumpsuit gives her outfit a confident yet comfy vibe – perfect for this second lockdown! Like many second year students, Anna spent lockdown and first year in trackies or sportswear, a very Exetah look. However, packing for uni this year made her realise how many clothes she owns, leading her to make more bold outfit choices – we love to see a good use of a wardrobe. Her Windsmoor beige jacket and the cream jumpsuit work beautifully together, with the Zara shoes perfectly finishing off the look. 

Our favourite part of this outfit (and Anna’s) is her jumpsuit, as she can wear it for almost anything at anytime of the year and it is always fun wearing a piece of clothing you designed yourself!  

Heidi, second year, Liberal Arts (@heidi.edwardss)

This wintery outfit showcases Heidi’s ability to layer in order to stay warm. Her black leather jacket and jumper are Depop cops, and with the addition of her dad’s scarf she shows us how to be sustainable whilst looking fabulous. The jeans are from Zara and her shoes are Superga, a welcome change from the Air Force that the Exeter streets are all too familiar with.

Her favourite part of her outfit is obviously her scarf, as it’s her dad’s and is really warm. Ideal.

Hannah, second year, English and Drama (@hannah.german)

Hannah’s lockdown look, like most of the Exeter population’s, is a mix of comfort and style. Her white Nike shoes compliment the wide leg Jaded Ldn Jeans (don’t mind me, just off to cop a pair). The blue and white colour pallet continues in the top part of this look with her blue Ralph Lauren jumper and white Zara top. In her own words, this outfit is, “so Exeter it hurts.” Personally, we think you can never go wrong with Ralph Lauren. Like the rest of us, her bank account is shaking from online shopping. No regrets.

Her favourite part of her outfit is the earrings. This is because of her successful collaboration with the up-and-coming jewellery brand Bijoux De Mimi. Her Danish inspired 14k gold plated earrings complete her look and give it that glam touch. A gal with class and style.  

Kiran, second year, Geography (@kiranr123)

Kiran’s look, which graced Sylvan Road last week, is mainly monochrome. The colourful embroidery on his black Levi’s jumper spices up his outfit – no wonder this is his favourite piece. His Next Jeans and Nike shoes complete this look. As an avid tennis player, 80s inspired tennis shoes are winners for him and therefore were an immediate cop. Alright Boris Becker.

During lockdown, like everyone else, Kiran was leaving the house a lot less than before. As a result, he would make more of a conscious effort with his outfits when he did venture out.

Katie, second year, English and Drama (@vickerssknickers)

As we all know, bills are not cheap – Katie tells us that her orange ‘gnome hat’ keeps her warm when her house is trying to save money on heating. That is the most relatable statement we have ever heard.

Her oversized blue jumper is her dad’s, which makes her feel closer to her family and reminds her that they are, “waiting for me at home when this Hell is over.” The baggy jeans are another comfortable addition to her outfit. The standout part of Katie’s outfit, needing a special mention, has to be her Crocs which she says exude, “style and are perfect waterproof shoes for the rain.” Oh to be as witty as you.  

Her favourite part of her outfit is obviously her Crocs because Katie sees shoes as “foot prisons.” Maybe it’s time we all invest in Crocs to spruce up our outfits for this lockdown, and any other one Boris throws at us! 

Sadie, second year, Art History and English (@sadiepitcher)

Sadie’s lockdown look comes from many different places, with an aim to be more sustainable in her approach to fashion. We have really seen a pattern of people taking from their parents’ wardrobe, and Sadie is no exception! Her jacket is her mum’s, and therefore her favourite part of the outfit. The neutral tones of the coat means that it goes well with lots of clothes, which is ideal for Sadie in her efforts to be more sustainable. Her Nike jumper was found in a charity shop and her earrings were made for her during the first lockdown by a friend.

The rest of her outfit is made up of grey and white colours, with her trousers from Nasty Gal, turtle neck from ASOS and iconic Stan Smiths. Leaning more towards comfort and sustainability, she is now trying to get more things from charity shops. Her bag from a Topsham antique shop is a perfect example of her being more conscious of the environment and saving money.

Shalizeh, second year, Law (@shalizehh)

Shalizeh’s lockdown look shows her ability to effortlessly balance a very chic outfit with pretty bedazzled accessories. The black tennis skirt and the bag are reflective of her aim to incorporate more feminine aspects into her outfits. We’re obsessed with the bag, and tennis skirts are obviously all the rage right now.

Since these nights are getting colder and darker by the second, she has paired a black blazer with her look to keep her warmer. The bag, which she bought from Camden in reading week is her favourite part of the outfit, as it is an antique from Pakistan. In true 2020 fashion, she has customised the bag, replacing the original gold strap with her camera one that says “take more photos” – a rule we always abide to at pres. 

At the moment, Shalizeh’s fashion focus is on incorporating more feminine elements into her outfits. She tells us that her fashion sense has changed in the last few months, as when she is at home she doesn’t always wear what she wants and therefore likes to express herself fully when she is at uni. We definitely appreciate it. 

Joss, second year, Medicine (@citrus_bioflavnoids)

This outfit, yet again, showcases Exeter students’ love for Carhartt. Therefore, it is no surprise that Joss’s favourite part of his lockdown look is his t-shirt. He particularly loves this t-shirt as it has a cool design, whilst maintaining the typical relaxed Carhartt aesthetic and brand image. The blue of his t-shirt, he says, “brings out [his] eyes.”

His trousers are from Red Herring, a brand we are off to Google. Turns out they are Debenhams’ finest. Last but not least, his shoes are Firetrap high tops, giving him some needed extra height to push him over 6’3.

Aimée, second year, Drama (@_aiméesweet_)

The key to looking good during this second lockdown is feeling confident in yourself, and Aimée manages to excel in this with her lockdown look. Aimée said she is in the process of curating a style that is “her.” The pink silk shirt is from @affandjam, which is a black female-owned small business, “concerned with morphing art and materials together.” We are in love with this piece. The leather jacket is a close contender for Aimée’s fave piece, as it’s from a charity shop in Exeter.

After noticing that her mood changed depending on what she wore, she gained the confidence to start wearing exactly what she wants. This has lead Aimée to wear more unique, bold, feminine and sensual pieces. With this outfit she has brought a smile to our faces!

Millie, second year, Business and Economics (@millealdridge)

Millie might take the title of our most Depop obsessed student yet! Her entire outfit, bar her trousers, are from the app…but worry not! The trousers are equally as sustainable, hailing from a good old charity shop.  Her favourite item are her shoes, originally from Nike, as they are lowkey but sporty. Plus, she has never seen them on anyone else. We love a good unique find.

Since Millie has always been into sustainability, the next step on her eco-friendly journey was upcycling clothes. For example, she started turning jeans into tops during lockdown. Millie, feels that it is important to make a conscious effort not to try not to buy fast fashion, as everything we need is available second hand.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Looks in Lockdown – there are plenty more to come! If you want your Lockdown Look featured in our next article contact us on Instagram @thetab.exeter.

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