Maybe even scarier than 2020 itself: Looks in Lockdown halloween edition

A showcase of Exeter’s finest costumes from the spooky season

Welcome to the Halloween special of Looks in Lockdown, where we’re going to be showing you some of Exeter’s best dressed this week. From the Spice Girls, to the Joker, to Michael McIntyre, we’ve really seen it all.



Ruby told The Tab Exeter that she decided to dress up as Wednesday Adams this Halloween because: “she is the saving grace of the Adams family and, though morbid, has some of the best lines in Halloween television.”

This outfit was put together with a collared dress that Ruby already owned and some very impressive makeup skills, as she was aiming to look “gaunt, pale and tired.” She tells us that her mum laughed at her first ever attempt to contour, but we think she looks pretty sick. Ruby also drew on under-eye circles, which were clearly successful because she got a kind message from someone on Instagram asking if she was sleeping enough!

She finished the look by braiding her hair into two plaits, which she “didn’t have the guts to dye black.” Nonetheless, we think Ruby did super well. Bonus points for the candles.

Joss, Rosie, Romy, Kate, Ellie

(@citrus_bioflavnoids) (@rosielowit) (@romy.mccutcheon)(@kategarmston) (@eleanor__long)

Holly, Martha, Honor, Martha, Mayte 

(@holy.lambb) (@marthaa.palmer) (@honorwhyte) (@marthacraggss) (@maytehornmontoya)

Spice Girls are forever an iconic costume idea, and here we have two groups pulling it off. If Batty Bingo hadn’t been cancelled, we for sure would have seen Union Jack dresses left, right and centre. Each member of the Spice Girls has a super distinctive look, and these girls (and boy) have really gone to town. Props to Joss for looking fabulous in his crop top.



Ben tells us: “I figured that the government seem super scared of giving out free school meals. So I’m going as a free school meal.” Enough said.

Dylan, Fran, Miranda, Lola 

(@dylan_waters01)(@fran.burn) (@mirandahanham)(@lolaschroer)

These housemates celebrated Halloween with a room crawl – an idea we’ll definitely be taking on board when the pubs close again. They knew they wanted to have a photo booth, so decided to make one in a dead Hollywood glamour style. 10/10 for creativity.



For his third costume of the week, James dressed as a Halloween favourite, the Joker. Isolation has clearly encouraged him to make three times the effort this year. The dedication that’s gone into this outfit is insane, and we’re very impressed that his white shirt isn’t stained green or red. The bathtub shot and the pose make the look.

Lucy, Izzy, Izzy, Jess

(@lucyheenan)(@izzyjayham75) (@isabellematthewss)(@jess.leeclarke)

What happens when a bunny, Michael McIntyre and two pirates walk into a room? This. We’re actually quite impressed with how good these outfits look together.



Like James, Sal showcased three different outfits this Halloween. The creativity and commitment is unmatchable. She certainly went all out with her Catwoman look this year – we’re obsessed with the hair and makeup. We also really want to cop those trousers.


George’s magician costume was a last minute one, but he was super pleased with how it turned out. He painted flames on his hands to complete the look. We just want to know where you found the jacket?!

Conor, Alice, Heidi 


We’re obsessed with Heidi and Alice’s ABBA outfits, which they completed with sick flower earrings from Depop. The banana costume really adds to the vibe.

Lisa Marie, Leon 

(@lisamarie_v) (@justcalledleon)

Leon and Lisa Marie dressed as a classic angel and demon for Halloween. Full marks for use of props: the angel wings and halo look sick, as does the makeup.



Max went super creative this Halloween, dressing as a vampire Homer Simpson. We have to admit we’ve never seen this one been done before. His outfit was made up of a white shirt, black cape, glasses, beard and a very yellow face. Truly iconic.



Miranda knew she wanted to dress as Madonna after seeing a tribute to her on RuPaul’s Drag Race during lockdown. She tells us: “her cone bra is iconic and I was obsessed.” We can see why, you honestly should start wearing it out day to day.

This was your Halloween special of Looks in Lockdown. See you next time for some slightly less extreme  – but nonetheless still very exciting – outfits.

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