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Exeter Christmas Market to go ahead!

Literally the best thing I have heard in weeks

It has been confirmed that the Exeter Christmas Market will happen this year.

This was decided in spite of worries about coronavirus, and Exeter Cathedral has ensured this will be a safe event.

The market will run from November 21 to December 19 and will be altered to suit the Covid-19 situation. Guest numbers will be limited at the entrance and exit, and the layout will change to allow for a wider path, meaning guests can social distance.

Dean of Exeter, the Very Rev Jonathan Greener, told Devon Live: “We are thrilled to move forward with our plans to continue the Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market tradition this year.

“Our wish is to provide a desperately needed boost for local traders at the end of an extremely challenging year, and also to life the spirits of the people of Devon as we celebrate Christmas here in the centre of Exeter.”

“We are enormously grateful to the local authorities and advisory groups for their help and advice to make this happen.

“Today’s news is exciting for all who work at and love the cathedral.”

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