Exeter and Falmouth Unis fund Covid marshals with bodycams

Students who flout Covid regulations could be expelled

Falmouth and Exeter Universities have warned that students that they could risk fines or even expulsion if they ignore Covid rules put in place by the government and Universities.

To enforce this in the community, there will be Covid Marshals patrolling Falmouth Town between 4pm and 4am. Cornwall Live has reported they will wear bodycams to catch anyone breaking coronavirus rules.

This comes after Boris Johnson announced  new three-tier restriction system. Exeter remains in the tier one, but Exeter Uni has imposed further restrictions by telling students not to meet indoors with anyone who is not part of their household.

The University of Exeter Registrar told Cornwall Live: “We worked extremely hard over the summer to engage with students on their arrival or return for the new academic year. Safety is always our top priority and we are confident that if any student put either themselves or their fellow community members at risk that we could and would respond robustly.

“If the conduct of a student falls below the standard we expect then we are applying a range of sanctions, including verbal warnings, cautions and fines and, where behaviour is deemed to be more serious, we will impose suspensions or expulsion.”

Falmouth town manager Richard Gates said: “On behalf of the Town Council and Falmouth BID I am pleased that the two universities are supporting these extra measures.

“It is very important that we are all working together effectively, ensuring everyone in the community, including students are following the guidelines.”

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