Exeter Uni is giving £40 ‘digital entertainment hamper’ to self-isolating students

Who needs to go outside when you have Sky Movies?

Students at the University of Exeter affected by Covid-19 can get a digital hamper worth £40 t0 spend on “digital entertainment”.

According to the uni, this can be spent on “App Store, Google Play, Sky Store, Rakuten Kobo/TV, PlayStation Store, Xbox, TV Player plus and KIGSO.”

Currently, the hamper is only available for students on the Exeter campus who have either tested positive after a test from the university’s testing system or are self-isolating in halls.

The uni is not currently offering the service to students self-isolating in private accommodation, Falmouth students or to anyone who has tested positive through a non-uni service, although they say they are trying to resolve this.

This is part of the university’s Rapid Response Hub, which they introduced with the following statement: “The safety and wellbeing of students is our overriding priority at the University of Exeter.

“Since the pandemic began, colleagues across campuses have been working hard to put safety measures in place. As students and members of staff begin to return to our campuses, we must continue to work together to keep everybody safe.

“This is why we’ve opened our Rapid Response Hub, to advise those with COVID-19 symptoms on how to get a test, and to support people who receive a positive test and need to self-isolate.”

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