Boris Johnson labels Exeter students ‘heroic’ for following COVID-19 guidelines

He made the comment today at the latest Coronavirus briefing

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has labelled Exeter students “heroic” in their efforts to follow COVID-19 guidelines and to prevent the spread of the virus.

Earlier today Johnson announced the new three-tier lockdown system and was forced to address how high rates in student accommodation across the country would affect the decision of which tier an area would be placed in. Ben Bradshaw, Exeter’s MP, asked Johnson what strategy he had in place for containing spikes in student halls, as seen in Exeter, and “preventing the need for lockdowns affecting the rest of the community.”

In response to Bradshaw, Johnson said: “I think that the differentiation that is made between students and other members of the public is often overdone. Students are playing a heroic role in containing the virus where they can in following the guidance and not spreading it back into their families and their home towns.”

He went on to say: “I thank them very much for what they are doing and I hope they continue in that way, in Exeter and elsewhere.

MP Ben Bradshaw has previously advocated against Exeter’s placement in tier 3 of the lockdown system, despite the University city placing in the top 10 for COVID-19 hotspots last week. He stated that it would only damage the local economy more. In his tweet he writes that he has been assured by local public health officials that “our spike is largely confined to student halls & shared houses.”

Devon has been placed in a medium level (level 1) Covid risk, meaning that the current restrictions will remain in place, but no further restrictions will be applied this week.

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