Okay so Snoop Dogg performed at Timepiece in 2014, and it’s the best thing ever

Apparently he turned down a VK 😮

I think I speak for all of us when I say I miss Timepiece more than anything else from pre-Covid Exeter. From salsa Tuesdays to sports social Wednesdays, it had something for all of us.

It’s also the closest thing Exeter has to a famous venue, your trendy London mates might not have heard of it but Toff off of Made in Chelsea once revealed its her favourite nightclub.

As much as we all love TP however, it is still a madness beyond belief to think that Snoop Dogg (yes THAT Snoop Dogg) performed at our beloved nightclub in 2014. The Tab Exeter spoke to David Meylan, Head of PR at Timepiece and founder of Olivier Meylan Watches about the Snoop gig, and all things Timepiece.

Lockdown has forced TP to shut for the first time in 26 years

The last few months have been tough for Timepiece, and David explains its the first time they’d been forced to shut in the 26 years since they first opened.

“We’re just pleased we can be back open in some way” he says. “It brings us great joy welcoming back Exeter Uni students and locals to enjoy themselves safely after such a long time spent in lockdown.”

Having to social distance means the TP experience of old is gone for now, but the new socially distanced Pizza night is proving popular, as anyone who’s been on Overheard recently can tell you.

David is optimistic that things will be closer to normal soon, telling the Exeter Tab that Party in the Castle has been promisingly moved to May, and that everyone at TP is waiting with crossed fingers for a review of the curfew law.

“Dancing may be off the cards (for now) but it will return, we hope the government are seriously looking into this industry and how it can be saved. we must go through this to get through it.”

Pictures provided by David Meylan of Timepiece

When Snoop came to Exeter

Enough foreplay though, the main reason for making contact with TP was uncovering just how on earth this Snoop Dogg gig came about.

In what he describes as “the highlight of my career”, David explains that he had links to Snoop’s management from years working in the entertainment industry (David is a cool guy).

Seeing as Snoop was passing Exeter on his was to perform at Boardmasters, David made the call, and to everyone’s surprise Snoop said yes. David explained: “Snoop loved the idea of hosting an intimate DJ set and live show so I pitched it to the TP owners and the rest is history.

“No one believed it would happen, then when we announced it everyone thought it was going to be a look a  like or tribute show and then when we confirmed it was the real deal people just assumed he wouldn’t turn up, well let me tell you, he did! On time (early actually)”.

So what is the notoriously weed-loving, porn-producing, rapping legend really like? Well, according to David, he’s a pretty sound guy.

“We sat together in Old Timers before the show” David told the Tab Exeter. “He asked who owned the plane hanging from the ceiling and asked why it was there. Not the type of chat I expected considering the years of listening to the G Thang and Gin And Juice as a kid.

“He was the most humble and professional artist I have worked with to date (and I’ve worked with a few). He didn’t really ask for anything on his rider, even turned down a VK.”

Snoop performed for three hours in all (longer than agreed), and bought hip hop legends Daz and Kurupt (the Doggpound) along with him.

Pictures provided by David Meylan of Timepiece.

David tells the Exeter Tab their after party lasted till 6am and I can guarantee that tops any evening any of us have had ever.

TP even has a celebrity fanbase

At the end of our chat, David spoke of why Timepiece is such an interesting night club, ands he revealed some great details. It’s logo, iconic among Exe students, was designed by none other than Jeff “Swampy Marsh”, better known as co-creator of Phineas and Ferb.

In more local history he also said that Toff from Made In Chelsea had her first night out after I’m a Celeb at TP, and she later revealed a club in Exeter with a burger van in the smoking area to be her favourite in the world. I wonder where she was on about…

Apparently, Chris Martin is another big Timepiece fan. Having grown up locally, the Coldplay frontman changed the lyrics of a song in a gig at Exeter castle to mention our favourite night out.

At the end of our chat, David said: “We have been a big part of several people’s life story and I know this is important to us at the club. the amount of married couples who have come back to us said they met at TP is overwhelming. So many stories to share and we’re always happy to share them with you. We hope to carry on creating memories for the foreseeable.”

Pictures provided by David Meylan of Timepiece.