Police report students still meeting despite new Uni guidelines

There are 127 Covid-19 cases in the Pennsylvania & University region of Exeter

Devon Live has reported that Exeter University students are still meeting in large groups despite the growing coronavirus cases in the area and advice from the Uni to stop mixing with other households.

There are no stats as to how many cases can be directly linked to the Uni, but there have been nearly 300 cases across Devon in the past two days, with 247 of them in Exeter.

A map tracking the virus, published by Devon Live, shows there are 127 confirmed cases in the university and Pennsylvania area of Exeter.

Last week, the University asked students living in Exeter to stop meeting indoors with people outside their household for 14 days (students are also expected to follow the government regulation of keeping all gatherings to less than six people), but a recent police statement suggests not everyone is following the rules.

The statement, given by a spokesperson for the Devon and Cornwall Police, said: “Police continue to work closely with the University of Exeter and the local communities to maintain Covid safety throughout the city.

“Officers were made aware over the weekend of reports of gatherings of students meeting in properties, in breach of Covid guidelines.

“Officers will continue to liaise with the university and follow up on the information received over the coming days.

“Our policing approach continues to focus on engagement, education and encouragement with enforcement remaining a last resort.

“Anyone who is concerned that they have seen a gathering which goes against the regulations, is encourage to contact police by emailing via our 101 form on the Force website.”

In response, a University of Exeter spokesperson said: “The university is working with both the police and local authorities to share information and coordinate responses to any reports of Covid-19 rule breaches.

“In line with Government advice, anyone who is concerned about gatherings which are against the regulations should contact the police via their 101 form on the Force website.”

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