YouTuber Theo Baker reveals he was glassed in the Impy

He said it was full of students who recognised him

Theo Baker was glassed while having a pint at the Impy, the YouTuber revealed.

YouTubers Theo Baker and Joe Weller revealed that Baker was attacked in the Imperial in Exeter by a man who threw a glass at his face.

Speaking on the Wafflin’ podcast, Joe said: “Theo got glassed. He had a glass thrown at him by a waffling mafia member.

“We just wanted to go for a drink, as us, not meet anyone else, and what actually happened was we met a lot of people that knew who we were, because it was right next to a university.”

Images included in the podcast, clips of which were posted on YouTube, show Baker and Weller surrounded by fans packed tightly together screaming “Theo.”

On the lack of social distancing, Weller said: “On paper, it’s like, social distancing, let’s promote that. But at the same time, we did decide to go out. So we were already planning to be in the presence of others.”

Baker added “we just wanted to go for a pint, in Exeter”, though he did admit they should have thought through their night out better.

“If we went to the other Wetherspoons on the other side of town it would have been full of old blokes and we would have been a lot quieter,” he said.

“We just happened to choose the Wetherspoons that usually hosts 2-3,000 students. It backfired.”

There is no official capacity listed for the Imperial on the Wetherspoons website, so Baker’s claim that it “usually hosts 2-3,000” punters are unsubstantiated.

Weller agreed the planning had been poor, adding: “Bottom line is we shouldn’t have gone there knowing that we had the potential to cause a ruckus.

“We’re used to going out as the boys, and there being some adults and some young people, but we never really get harassed but this was on another level.

“Everyone knows that we’re just wankers in our area, whereas we were in an area that wasn’t necessarily riddled with YouTubers where it was the done thing to see a you tuber out and about.”

Weller, who boasts 5.4 million subscribers, described the streets frequented by Exeter students as “some dodgy, dodgy area”, and was backed up by Baker, who claimed the bouncer at the Wetherspoons had told them “90 per cent of people carry knives” in Exeter.

Weller went on to describe the escalation of the attention they received, saying the initial chanting “was then followed up with someone throwing a glass at your skull.”

Baker said he “didn’t see it coming.”

It seems the boys still managed a good night out in Exe in spite of the violence, and Weller had some kind words about the people of Exeter.

“At the end of the day most of them [the fans in the Impy] were lovely, kind people and supportive,” he said.

He also praised the bouncers who looked after the boys at the pub, finishing the clip with “it was called the Imperial in Exeter, so shout out your security team.”

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