This is your chance to crown your fave campus Royal: Exeter’s BNOC 2020 final is here!

The five biggest names on campus, but only one can win!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the final of Exeter’s 2020 BNOC competition is here.

Hundreds of nominations have been whittled down to the five biggest names on campus.

With a huge 2,500 votes between them, you’ve identified the true BNOCs among a sea of wannabes, but only one can be crowned the ultimate champion.

Vote for your BNOC 2020 winner below:

Harry Mason, Drama, Second Year

“If you’ve participated in my childhood film tournament, you’re morally obliged to vote for me.”

Johnny Fisher, History, Third Year

“I was once a promising academic, now I sell meat out the back of a van in Essex. Finally my mother can really call me a clever little sausage.”

Liv Buckley, Drama, Third Year

“I’m such a huge BNOC, if I had the coronavirus the whole uni would have to close.”

Jono Deacon, Politics and International Relations, Third Year

“Just a lad from London with a lust for life.
“‘Not big 4 material’ – personal tutor.
“‘No matter what you’ll always be a BNOC in my eyes’ – Mummy.
“‘Absolute tosser’ – an acquaintance.”

Fraser Brown, Drama, First Year

“I do not respect this competition in any way, shape or form.”