Exeter student apologises after racist Facebook comments were exposed

The University is investigating

CW: This article contains racist language 

A student at the University of Exeter has apologised after he was revealed to have made several racist remarks on Facebook meme pages.

Screenshots of comments in which the student uses the N-word were leaked online in response to the University’s tweet supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Comments include the student writing messages such as “you’re too ugly to post a pic of yourself because you’re black” and, in response to a commenter telling him he was not white, “probably whiter than you “n*****.”

The user who leaked the screenshots tweeted: “So @UniofExeter this is the type of student you allow at your institution???”

Comments also show the student joking about Nazis. After being asked “how’s Hitler going back home?” he replied: “My uncle, you mean?”

The University has confirmed they are investigating the matter further, following news yesterday it was looking into another student, who wrote on his Instagram story: “Why is everyone doing this Black Lives Matter crap?”

The student has since apologised and told The Exeter Tab he’s “not racist.” He said he made the comments four years ago, when he was 16.

“I am in no way racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic in any measure, but it’s understandable given the content of my comments why someone may choose to label me as such,” he said.

“I accept that I may have to carry such a label for the rest of my life.

“In these last four years, I have learned so much from that situation and have matured and grown as a person.

“I have reached out to many who I knew were most hurt by this, and apologised personally to them and asked for ways which I can use my privilege to help those who do not have it as easy as I do.

“I do however, recognise that growth and education is a lifelong journey. Throughout all of this, this quote has really stuck with me, ‘it is a privilege to learn about racism instead of experiencing it’.

“I am truly disgusted with my immature actions; I cannot take back what I said, and the pain I caused to so many people with these words. From the bottom of my heart, to anyone and everyone, I am sorry.”

The Exeter Tab has contacted the University for further comment.

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