Exeter Uni revokes Katie Hopkins’ degree due to problematic tweets

‘It is no surprise given the unmentionable acts I performed on the Chancellor’s desk’

The University of Exeter has revoked Katie Hopkins’ degree in light of the controversy surrounding some of the media personality’s tweets.

Katie told The Exeter Tab: “It is no surprise that I have had my degree revoked from Exeter University. Given the unmentionable acts I performed on the Chancellor’s desk during my time there, I am only surprised it took this long.

“Let me tell you this – Floella Benjamin is not as innocent as she looks.”

Katie, who obtained a degree in Economics from Exeter Uni, has gained attention from the media in recent years for her controversial comments on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Image via: LBC on YouTube

She has previously made headlines for accusing a Muslim family of being extremists after they were denied entry to Disneyland, encouraging people not to demonise Donald Trump, and attempting to prove that fat people are just lazy by gaining and losing three stone on a TV documentary.

She even caused controversy here in Exeter when she was invited by Exeter Debating Society to host a debate on the motion: “THW: Prioritise its own citizens” in which she said: “I have no sympathy whatsoever for refugees,” adding: “Send them all back in their dinghies”.

Students wrote an open letter to stop her attending the event and protestors gathered outside the doors handing out flyers reading #HOPKINSNOTWELCOME.

Katie later condemned the University over “the state of freedom of speech” after revealing she was asked to sign a letter promising to refrain from abusive or threatening language during this talk.

Happy April Fools you muppets!

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