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Exeter Uni finally cancels all classes due to COVID-19

‘We advise you to make plans to go home over the next few days’

The University of Exeter has cancelled all face-to-face classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an email sent to all students this evening, the University has advised students “to make plans to go home over the next few days” if they are able to do so.

They have cancelled all University events and the sports facilities on campus have also been shut.

Read the full email below:

“Dear Students,

“In response to the significant change in guidance announced by the Prime Minister in today’s briefing, we are giving you the following advice.

“We advise you to make plans to go home over the next few days, if you are able to do so. If you are currently self-isolating you should pay attention to official advice before travelling. If you are in University accommodation and are unable to go home for any reason, accommodation and other essential services will continue to be open for you should you need them.

“We recognise that this will cause significant disruption and therefore there will be no teaching (face to face or online) for the remainder of this week. However, you can still contact your academic tutor and module leaders electronically.

“We will move to online teaching from Monday 23 March, and you should continue to check your online ELE module pages for more information.

“Following the Government advice we are now cancelling all University events, and the sports facilities on all of our campuses will also be closed.

“The measures announced today by the Prime Minister include:

“• To stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel

“• Anyone who lives with someone who has a cough or a temperature should stay at home for 14 days, even if they are not symptomatic

“• People should start working from home where they possibly can

“• Avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues

“• Only use the NHS when really necessary

“• From tomorrow the Government will no longer be “supporting” mass gatherings using emergency workers

“• Women who are pregnant are now included in the ‘higher risk’ category

“• Schools are currently remaining open

“We thank you for your patience and understanding at what is a challenging time for everyone in our University community.

“We will send a more detailed update tomorrow so please do look out for this and ensure you read it fully.”


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