Exeter lecturer accused of ‘transphobia’ for saying ‘only females menstruate’

Her tweets were condemned by Exeter LGBT+ and Feminist Societies

An Exeter lecturer has been accused of transphobia after a series of tweets sent from a private account were uncovered.

One of the tweets sent by Economics lecturer Eva Poen read: “Only female people menstruate. Only female people go through menopause.”

The tweets have been criticised by LGBT+ Society, who say the attitudes shown are damaging to the wellbeing of trans students on campus.

“She is in a position of power over vulnerable young people while openly singling out trans people, especially trans students, with dismissive, disdainful attitudes,” the society told The Exeter Tab.

Eva Poen’s tweets were also criticised by Exeter Feminist Society, who told The Exeter Tab: “We are shocked to hear the transphobic comments made by a University lecturer.

“It is extremely upsetting that such views are being spread by staff, contributing to an unsafe environment for trans and non binary people.

“We expect the University to take this seriously, investigate thoroughly, and take further measures to ensure the wellbeing of communities affected.”

Eva Poen strongly denies the allegations, telling The Exeter Tab there was “no evidence” of transphobia in the tweets.

“I am aware of these allegations made against me by some students,” she said. “I strongly reject the accusations of transphobia.”

In another tweet, the lecturer said: “Going through the #IStandWithMaya hashtag, finding lots of new people to follow.”

Maya Forstater was a researcher who lost her job in a thinktank after a high profile case ruled Maya’s tweets claiming transgender women can’t change her sex did not have “the protected characteristic of philosophical belief.”

Responding to a tweet from insurance company Aviva promoting LGBT+ inclusion in sports, Poen said: “Let’s keep female sports for FEMALE PEOPLE.

“Stay in your lane, Aviva. We don’t tell you how to do insurance; it would be great if you could stop telling women to give up their hard earned place in society. Women’s sport is not yours to give away.”

Poen’s Twitter bio describes her as a “female economist. Not cis. Not a manifestation of a universal existential condition.”

“As a society we wholeheartedly condemn her actions,” Exeter LGBT+ Society told The Exeter Tab. “Trans students deserve to feel that their well being matters to the University.”

Eva Poen told The Exeter Tab: “I am not transphobic. I believe that all people are entitled to the same human rights, and that everyone should be able to live their lives free from violence and harassment.”

Exeter University has been contacted for comment. We will update this story as and when they respond.

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