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Fashion in the Forum: Valentine’s edition

Love is in the air


Red roses in Co-op, discounted dinner deals, and M&S's love sausage… it can only mean one thing, Valentine's Day is here.

Whether you're going on a date, celebrating Galentine's or sobbing over chips at TP, today is really just about love. So smile at a stranger, tell someone they're beautiful or whatever love may mean for you…

But first, take a look at the most coveted couples of the week.

Katy and Nadya, Third Year, History and Economics and Politics

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Nadya and Katy are a match made in heaven in their monochrome trousers and boots. Nadya bagged her shearling coat from a vintage shop in Edinburgh and Katy's leather jacket is Zara.

George and Ronnie, Third Year, Economics

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George and Ronnie bring sunshine to the business school in bright and pastel tones. George's leather jacket is vintage Versace, and Ronnie's statement jumper is & Other Stories.

Tavie and Emily, Third Year, Business and Management

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Chic duo of the week, Tavie and Emily, are incredibly Lucy Williams in these cosy, yet stylish ensembles. Tavie's courdoroy boiler suit is from ASOS and Emily's coat is Vero Moda.

They complete their look with statement trainers, Emily in Converse and Tavie in Nikes from a vintage store in Brighton.

Coco and Billy, First Year, Management

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Coco is reminiscent of Blair Waldorf in this iconic Burberry trench coat, paired with a Prada pinafore and blouse. Billy keeps it couture in his denim jacket from Lee and his Alexander McQueen trainers.

Anna and Kirsty, Second Year, History and Theology

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Storm Ciara hasn't been kind on our wardrobes and, in times like this, statement outerwear and accessories become the centre of our outfit. Anna, in Arket, and Kirsty, in Charlotte Simone, show us how to champion a statement scarf.

Hugo and Serena, Third Year, English Literature and Theology

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Serena brings the perfect shabby-chic look to campus, in this canvas Kitri boiler suit, while Hugo sticks to neutral tones, layering different shades of denim.

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