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Exeter Uni to host its first ever LGBTQ+ ball

‘This is an opportunity to put Exeter on the map’

The University of Exeter will be hosting its first ever LGBTQ+ ball at Reed Hall on March 13th.

The landmark event has been in the works for months and organisers welcome everyone to buy a ticket, get glammed up to the max and have an amazing night.

Phoebe Lewis-Carpenter is part of the organising committee for the ball and spoke to The Exeter Tab about the importance of the event and what students can expect from the night.

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The team behind the University of Exeter's first ever LGBTQ+ ball

Phoebe said: "With formal events, there can be pressure to not be 'too gay.' This is a space where people can feel they aren't going to be judged."

She added: "When I first came to the university, the LGBTQ+ community wasn't really visible. We don't have huge events so it's hard to find your community.

"Even if you are in the closet, it's really important for people to know that this is happening in Exeter; that there are other LGBTQ+ people out there.

"This is an opportunity to put Exeter on the map."

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The theme for this sure to be iconic night is 'Ball Culture,' and ball-goers will have the chance to sign up to walk in 'Houses' with their friends. Winners of the different categories will even be awarded trophies. Time to start planning your outfits!

The team behind the ball say that this night is all about making people feel comfortable and welcome, without them having to tone down who they are. They hope that touches like gender neutral bathrooms, walking buses to and from the venue and a separate room in Reed Hall where people can change in and out of outfits, will help achieve this.

The event is not affiliated with the University of Exeter LGBTQ+ Society but you can get your ticket on the Exeter Guild website. A ticket also gets you food and booze, so you definitely have no chance of getting bored at this ball. Tickets are only on sale until February 19th, so you better hurry!

For more information about the upcoming ball, or to ask any questions, head to the 'University of Exeter LGBTQ+ Ball' Facebook page or the team's instagram page.