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Can someone explain why all Exeter students do these 19 things

You can’t even deny it anymore


I'm sure you're aware of the Exetah stereotype by this point: blonde, wears Gymshark 24/7, lives off Daddy's money. Yep you've heard it all before. And I'm sure you've fiercely tried to deny fitting this stereotype on multiple occasions.

But the harsh truth is that everyone here is a little bit basic and I guarantee you can relate to at least ten of these 19 things that all Exeter students do.

Sorry but you're about as individual as all the other individuals at Exetah x

Bleaching your hair blonde

Diversity here is off the charts!

But real talk, the sheer number of blondes genuinely makes spotting people on campus quite hard. I definitely haven't walked up to the wrong blonde on multiple occasions…

Living in stash

Either you live in sports stash aka sports clothing, or you simply don’t play sport. We get that you’re proud to be part of the Lacrosse development squad, or worse the hockey sixes, but doesn’t mean you need to parade through the Forum in your stash 24/7.

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The only thing worse is living in your leavers hoodies or private school stash. We get it, you went to one of the God tier schools and won't let us forget it.

Wearing Flares all day, everyday

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Basically stash at this point. And I do own five pairs. Guilty x


At what other uni would you have to aggressively slam your empty glass against your chest or down another drink as a forfeit every time you go out? The more I think about it, the weirder it gets. I once saw my friend E.G a Pret soup. Says it all…

Owning a MacBook

Owning a MacBook is one thing, but leaving it lying around in the library for anyone to take just sums up Exetah.

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And a laptop case is out of the question; everyone needs to know you own a Mac and let's be honest, if you drop it Daddy will buy you a new one anyway.

Reselling tickets for extortionate prices

The Enchanted Garden Ball sums up Exetah – paying £50 to wear black tie and get smashed in a field reeks of being raised in the home counties.

But people's desperation to get tickets is beyond tragic. And as for all those budding entrepreneur business students bagging three EGB tickets and selling them for £90 each so you can fund your avocado addiction, c'mon now be fair…

Wearing Gymshark all day everyday

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Gym-wear is not a substitute for a personality x

Owning a Chilly’s bottle

Forget your keys, wallet and phone, the Chilly's bottle is the one item all Exeter students can't leave home without. Every lecture is now haunted by that all-too-familiar sound of the squeaky lid.

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Becoming a Rep

Ultimate BNOC status. Did someone say wristbands??

Spending your student loan on Pret

Because God forbid you might actually have to cook and oh my god have you tried the Swedish meatball hot wrap???

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Owning a signet ring

Are they a requirement to live in Holland Hall?

Going clubbing at 7:30pm

You definitely love being shoved around by sweaty rugby boys, getting drinks spilt on you and dancing to ABBA until the early hours of the morning.

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You may think that TP is the pinnacle of clubbing, but you're sorely mistaken, and your friends visiting from other unis would definitely agree.

But we still love it all the same. Where else could legitimately start pres at 6pm?

Wearing Fila Disruptors

Sorry, this isn't Bristol.

Going for Brunch

Be honest, do you go for the food or the gram?

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Owning 27 houseplants

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Every bedroom windowsill along Vic street boasts a collection of cacti. You are not original.

Owning Air Pods

It is so clear what everyone got for Christmas this year.

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Bleeding Green

In the words of Georgia from Love Island, you are loyal. In fact we're so loyal to our university that we regularly like to remind everyone that the uni's colour runs in our very veins.

You spend your life in your bucks stash, hair tied in a green scrunchie and your instagram bio definitely says #BleedGreen.

Going Vegan

Can be found in The Plant Cafe sipping on a coconut milk chai latte and treating yourself to some almonds.

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Hating Purple

Bleeding green is one thing, but refusing to touch anything that's our rival uni's colour is a bit too far. Honestly Loughborough don't care about it and it’s embarrassing.

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