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Firefighters issue warning after microwaveable wheat bag catches fire at Exeter Uni

‘The bag was overheated and left unattended’

Firefighters have issued a warning over microwaveable wheat bags after a Christmas themed wheat bag caught alight at the University of Exeter.

A fire brigade crew from Danes Castle was called to campus yesterday afternoon after a Santa wheat bag burst into flames.

The Christmas themed warmer had overheated after being left unattended in a microwave, according to the fire service.

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Image via: Danes Castle Fire Station

A spokesperson for Danes Castle Fire Station said: "Thankfully nobody was harmed and the crews used a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear the smoke"

However the team have highlighted the incident to issue safety advice regarding wheat bags, which are often used as an alternative to hot water bottles and are heated in the microwave.

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Image via: Danes Castle Fire Station

They said: "When used safely, wheat bags pose no risk, but on this occasion the bag was both overheated and left unattended".

The fire-brigade have issued the following advice:

• Always follow the manufactures instructions when heating your wheat bag and never leave it unattended when in the microwave.

• If previously heated, always allow your wheat bag to cool completely before re-heating.

• Check your wheat bag regularly for any damage or charring. If damage is found, you should dispose of it.

• Wheat bags should not be used as a bed warmer as they can continue to heat and self-combust.

Header image via: Danes Castle Fire Station

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