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Students told to stay inside and keep windows shut as huge fire breaks out on Cowley Bridge Road

The blaze started at a dry cleaners


Students at Exeter One halls have been told to stay inside and keep their windows shut after a huge fire has broken out at a dry cleaners on Cowley Bridge Road.

Several 999 calls were made at around 10.30am this morning as people noticed smoke billowing from Johnsons The Cleaners on Cowley Bridge Road.

First year Kirstie told The Exeter Tab that students in Exeter One accommodation on Cowley Bridge Road have been told to "stay inside and keep windows shut".

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Photos taken from Exeter One show a huge cloud of smoke coming from the roof of the dry cleaners and firefighters rushing to the building.

The fire service are currently attending the scene.

First year Issie, who lives in Birks Grange, told The Exeter Tab she "heard tons of fire engines".

Nearby residents have expressed concerns for the environment due to chemicals stored at the dry cleaners.

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Local resident Ian Wickson told Devon Live: "Flames are coming out of the roof of the building. The fire service is there.

"It is at the dry cleaners so there are concerns about the environment. I have closed my windows."

Check out the videos on The Exeter Tab's Instagram story

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