Christmas 2019: Exeter’s best dressed

A little present from us to you

If there's one silver lining to the end of the stressful Autumn term, it's that we get to dress up for our society Christmas dos.

And with how amazing you lot looked, it would be an injustice to not give those fits the attention they deserve.

So we did what was very necessary and rounded up Exeter's best dressed this festive season.

Dominika, Jemima and Lucy, Fourth Year, First Year and Third Year, Conflict Security and Development, Biology and Law

Image may contain: Premiere, Fashion, Person, Human

Just look at those smizes

Becky, First Year, English

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And she wore *red* velvet

URBN Dance Society

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What a powerful girl gang- I want in on this

Kiera and Javier, Second Year, Maths and Politics and International Relations

Image may contain: Sitting, Overcoat, Coat, Suit, Couch, Furniture, Shoe, Footwear, Person, Human, Apparel, Clothing

Everyone please be upstanding for the King and Queen

Oliver, Tom and Harry, Second Year and First Year, Maths with Economics, French and Spanish and Law

Image may contain: Restaurant, Beer, Crowd, Glass, Overcoat, Suit, Coat, Apparel, Clothing, Beverage, Alcohol, Drink, Tie, Bar Counter, Pub, Sunglasses, Accessories, Accessory, Human, Person

Image via: Thomas Hanks

Guy squad coming in strong- only thing we could ask for is a completed line-up of shades!

Amy and Georg, Second Year and Third Year, History and International Relations and History

Image may contain: Face, Female, Evening Dress, Gown, Fashion, Robe, Clothing, Apparel, Person, Human, Accessory, Accessories, Tie

They looked even more fabulous when they swapped back their outfits

Chungha, Natalie and Freya, First Year and Second Year, History, Exercise and Sports Science and Archaeology

Image may contain: Floor, Bar Counter, Pub, Female, Indoors, Interior Design, Gown, Evening Dress, Robe, Fashion, Plywood, Flooring, Hardwood, Apparel, Clothing, Wood, Person, Human

Powerlifting girls serving us strong looks

Lucy, Elly and Colleen, First Year, Maths

Image may contain: Indoors, Flooring, Woman, Wood, Female, Dress, Evening Dress, Fashion, Gown, Robe, Person, Human, Apparel, Clothing

And that's what I call fashun

Susanna, Leah and Becky, First Year, English

Image may contain: Floor, Footwear, Shoe, Woman, Flooring, Female, Robe, Fashion, Evening Dress, Gown, Dress, Person, Human, Clothing, Apparel


Ellie and Christine, Third Year and Postgraduate Masters, Medical Sciences and International Relations

Image may contain: Woman, Female, Gown, Robe, Fashion, Evening Dress, Person, Human, Dress, Apparel, Clothing

What a classy couple of ladies

E-J and Elise, Third Year and Second Year, English

Image may contain: Furniture, Couch, Bar Counter, Pub, Robe, Gown, Fashion, Evening Dress, Clothing, Apparel, Human, Person

Unexpectedly showing up in the same dress as someone else is far from embarrassing when you both look as good as this

Rob, Louie, Theo and Harry, Third Year, Theology, Psychology and Theology and Philosophy

Image may contain: Restaurant, Tuxedo, Liquor, Alcohol, Beverage, Drink, Glass, Overcoat, Clothing, Coat, Suit, Apparel, Bar Counter, Pub, Accessories, Accessory, Tie, Human, Person

Image via: Paula-Alexandra Banu

Plenty to smile about when you're all looking sharp as hell

Elizabeth, Second Year, Law

Image may contain: Leisure Activities, Female, Sleeve, Gown, Evening Dress, Robe, Fashion, Human, Person, Apparel, Clothing

Simple and sophisticated- I need lessons on how to pose that effectively

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