Exeter’s best house Christmas dinners

‘tis the season to eat everything in sight

Everyone knows the best part of Christmas is the food. Mince pies, pigs-in-blankets, candy canes – the list goes on.

We rated the food at the Exeter Christmas market, but now it's time for you lot to break free from your diet of pesto pasta and chicken nuggets, and put your cooking skills to the test.

There really is no better comfort food to cure your hangovers than a trusty roast, which is why we asked you to send us the pictures of your best house Christmas dinners.

You certainly didn't disappoint – check out our favourites:

Liv, Third Year, Law

Image may contain: Vegetable, Pea, Furniture, Dining Table, Table, Dish, Meal, Plant, Supper, Dinner, Food

Special shoutout to the Chorizo pigs-in-blankets

Ryan, First Year, Maths

Image may contain: Room, Indoors, Dish, Table, Dining Table, People, Buffet, Cafeteria, Furniture, Chair, Lunch, Food, Meal, Restaurant, Person, Human

You can never have too many potatoes

Adam, Second Year, History and International Relations

Image may contain: Dish, Buffet, Cafeteria, Lunch, Person, Human, Restaurant, Dinner, Supper, Food, Meal

Pigs-in-blankets galore

Ashleigh, Second Year, History

Image may contain: Plant, Dish, Meal, Food, Bread

Nice camera angles

Evie, Third Year, Biology

Image may contain: Human, Person, Dinner, Supper, Spoon, Cutlery, Platter, Dish, Food, MealImage may contain: Text, Human, Person

Bonus points for the 10/10 prep checklist

Luke, Third Year, Engineering

Image may contain: Bottle, Wood, Food, Alcohol, Drink, Beverage, Table, Furniture, Dining Table, Person, Human

Loving the mood lighting

Ella, First Year, Drama

Image may contain: Turkey Dinner, Vegetable, Roast, Lunch, Dish, Plant, Meal, Dinner, Supper, Food

Never forget the Yorkshire puddings

Georgia, Fourth Year, Business Management

Image may contain: Vegetable, Supper, Dinner, Platter, Plant, Meal, Dish, Food

Those stuffing balls are HUGE

Maddie, First Year, Business and Economics

Image may contain: Refrigerator, Appliance, Female, Clothing, Apparel, People, Restaurant, Tabletop, Face, Chair, Dining Room, Lunch, Dish, Supper, Dinner, Indoors, Room, Meal, Food, Dining Table, Table, Furniture, Person, Human

Crackers are an essential

Subin, First Year, Neuroscience

Image may contain: Human, Person, Dining Table, Furniture, Table, Platter, Bread, Dish, Meal, Vegetable, Plant, Broccoli, Supper, Dinner, Food

The perfect gravy to food ratio

Tabitha, Third Year, Law

Image may contain: Produce, Vegetable, Sweets, Confectionery, Table, Furniture, Dining Table, Food, Dish, Meal, Plant

But where are the sprouts??

Katie, First Year, Psychology

Image may contain: People, Dish, Bench, Dinner, Supper, Buffet, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Table, Dining Table, Furniture, Lunch, Food, Meal, Human, Person

I'm hoping she had more than just potatoes and pigs-in-blankets

Archie, Third Year, International Relations

Image may contain: Lamp, Bread, Lunch, Platter, Supper, Dinner, Dish, Meal, Food

Just look at those crispy potatoes

Gemma, Third Year, Psychology

Image may contain: Electronics, Living Room, Ornament, Chair, Coffee Table, Food, Meal, Dining Room, Desk, Plant, Tree, Room, Indoors, Home Decor, Tabletop, Dining Table, Table, FurnitureImage may contain: Party, Indoors, Face, Cake, Dessert, Food, Furniture, Chair, Clothing, Apparel, Human, Person

Ok it might not technically be a Christmas dinner, but you've got to give it to them, the decor is on point

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