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Ed Sheeran spotted on Exeter Uni campus

He was watching his wife play hockey

A handful of students were left starstruck today after spotting Ed Sheeran at Exeter uni.

Rumours have been spreading all day that Ed had been seen on the University of Exeter's Streatham campus, and The Tab Exeter can now confirm that this is true.

Second year, Beth, and her friends bumped into Ed as they left the gym this afternoon. He was supposedly watching his wife, Cherry Seaborn, playing in a hockey match.

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Beth told The Exeter Tab: "He was watching the girls hockey match as his wife was playing for the team 'Pies' I think."

She added: "I didn't speak to him really, just asked for a pic as he was walking away."

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It's not the first time Ed has been spotted in Exeter – he was seen boarding a private jet at Exeter Airport last December.

This was the first time he had returned to the city for a few years, where he claims he had his "worst gig ever".

The singer song-writer told Radio X: "I was getting paid 50 quid for this gig and it was an 80 quid train ticket, and I thought ' I'm already 30 quid down but it's fine. I'll get down there and sell some of my CDs from my backpack.

"Gets to eight, I'm meant to be going on at 8.30 No one’s there. My train's at like 10. I was like 'can I push it back?'

"And they were like 'push it back to nine'. No one was there. Pushed it back to 9.30. No one was there. They were like 'you just have to play'.

"So I played to no one, missed my train, didn't sell any CDs, then I slept on the little bench at the train station till 5(am)."

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