Exeter gives students in Hong Kong option to return and start final year in 2020

‘Exeter have been really good at taking our opinion into account whilst focusing on our safety’

The University of Exeter has given exchange students in Hong Kong four options in light of the ongoing political violence.

This comes after the University made the decision not to follow the lead of other UK universities and pull students out of the country.

Students in Hong Kong were sent an email by Exeter uni, giving them the following options: Returning home to a three year degree starting in 2020, returning home and studying abroad next academic year, studying in an alternative European country in term two, or undertaking a work placement term.

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Third year International Relations student, Will, who is currently on a year abroad in Hong Kong, told The Exeter Tab the University has been in contact with him and he's currently discussing his options.

He said: "I have been talking to them and saying that I'm planning on staying here, and it would only be if I definitely can't continue in semester two would I take one of those options.

"I haven't left Hong Kong yet but I have left my uni."

He added: "Exeter are being really good at talking to us and taking our opinion into account, whilst focusing on our safety."

At least five other UK universities, including Southampton and the University of Edinburgh, have called for exchange students currently studying in Hong Kong to return to the UK immediately.

A spokesperson for the University told The Exeter Tab: "The University of Exeter is not currently calling exchange students back from Hong Kong but we are monitoring the situation carefully and staying in close contact with our students in Hong Kong.”

Read the full email from the University below:

"We are aware that CUHK have just ended their Term 1 and are arranging transportation to the airport. Please find attached the email we received from Heidi at CUHK for your information.

"Your options are:

"1) Interrupt your studies and return home and back to a 3-year degree. You would start your final year in Sept 2020 and your time abroad would not affect your overall degree classification.

"2) Interrupt your studies, return home and study abroad next academic year at another destination. You would start your final year in Sept 2021.

"3) If you are a Business School student, you can undertake a semester work placement as your degree programme can allow this option.

"4) We are researching alternative Semester 2 European study placements. Please be aware that the application deadlines for a majority of partners have passed so we are individually negotiating with partners for places next semester.

"Please let us known by Monday, 18 November what you would like to do."

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